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Re: How We Ride
« Reply #20 on: 05/09/11 12:47AM »
On one of the links in the pages here the gubment stats have 6% of fatalities (or accidents can't remember) are from getting rearended.  Seems kinda strange people put as much time and energy into worrying about something that rates far lower than getting smacked by a left turn or lane changer...

Do you know for sure that 6% includes motorcycles? The 6% figure seems low to me, could be right just doesn't seem like it.
If you think about it people get rearended quite often in cars for instance, not including bikes.
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Re: How We Ride
« Reply #21 on: 05/09/11 01:14AM »

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Re: How We Ride
« Reply #22 on: 06/26/11 07:54PM »
thanks for posting this! Very helfpul!

in addition to the 10 plus, id also add that usually if you respet that they are there and slow down some it is only benificial
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Re: How We Ride
« Reply #23 on: 06/21/12 12:09PM »
This is great information however the link to see the hand signals is going to a error.

Please re-post the link. =)


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Re: How We Ride
« Reply #24 on: 06/22/12 07:31AM »
Far enough to avoid rear ending the rider ahead of you in case he makes a sudden stop
I have a question. How far should we be following the person ahead of us?

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Re: How We Ride
« Reply #25 on: 08/14/12 07:52PM »
New members should be required to read this before joining. GREAT INFO!

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Re: How We Ride
« Reply #26 on: 09/09/12 06:00PM »
As OCmoto grows in size with each month, it becomes more and more crucial for new and senior members alike to be aware of "how we ride".  These are mainly measures that allow everyone to enjoy the trip, improve their skills, and return home safely at night.

1.  RIDE YOUR OWN RIDE.  Inevitably, there are quick riders and there are those who ride at a slower pace. Not a problem, the street IS NOT the track.  Ride at a pace where you do not feel pressure to push yourself.  Everyone has their own comfort level. Stay in it.
2.  You are responsible for the rider BEHIND you.  No one gets left behind. If you pull away from someone and come to a point where you are turning off of the road you have been on, it is your job to STOP, and WAIT for him/her to catch up.  If he/she is not present within 5 minutes, turn around and go find that person.  In the case that you come to a stop sign after falling behind, and no one is there stopped, continue straight, it means we did not turn off.  When joining a ride, it's always beneficial to know the route ahead of time to minimize confusion if riders get separated.  If you plan on breaking away from the group for any reason - notify the rider in front of you.  This is extremely important to avoid unnecessary search parties.  

3.  Please wear your gear, dress for the crash.  If you are unable to come up with the necessary equipment, post on the forum - many of us have extra gear if needed.  It is your personal choice as to what gear you wear; use common sense, skin grafts are excruciating.

4.  Watch for, echo, and follow hand signals.  If you do not know them, please refer to this link:

5.  Law Enforcement.  The major highways are no place to go for your top speed run.  In the event that the group gets pulled over at some point, be it on the 405 or back roads, the ride leader will discuss things with the police officer.  Show restraint when you're aggravated, even cops can respect that.

6.  If you need gas, pull alongside the rider ahead of you and point at your tank. Everyone should do this one at a time to let the leader know eventually that a fuel stop is needed.  Or, find a rider with chatterbox and alert them in the same manner.

Finally, this is a great read on how to ride the back roads:

Thanks...good points for everyone.

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Re: How We Ride
« Reply #27 on: 10/14/12 09:48AM »
I'm new so very useful info. Bump to hopefully get others to read

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Re: How We Ride
« Reply #28 on: 10/14/12 04:56PM »
absolutly, and a must
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Re: How We Ride
« Reply #29 on: 10/14/12 10:26PM »
good info  :7:
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Re: How We Ride
« Reply #30 on: 12/10/13 12:56PM »
hate to be a pain in the butt but the link for signals has failed

Here's another...

Does anyone have another link? This appears to have been removed as well.

(Maybe post it as an attachment?)

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Re: How We Ride
« Reply #31 on: 12/10/13 04:55PM »
hate to be a pain in the butt but the link for signals has failed

Here's another...

Does anyone have another link? This appears to have been removed as well.

(Maybe post it as an attachment?)

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