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  Topic: Saturday 2010/10/16: All roads to Idyllwild.  (Read 11410 times)

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Re: Saturday 2010/10/16: All roads to Idyllwild.
« Reply #80 on: 10/16/10 11:52PM »
I'm sitting here at ortega chevron and just saw Eddie and two other bikes pass by. hola! :-P

That wasn't me - I was at Brea Triumph demo riding all day!

oops, I mean Freddie... LOL

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Re: Saturday 2010/10/16: All roads to Idyllwild.
« Reply #81 on: 10/17/10 10:57AM »
OMG, Cafe how are you doing?

Still have the Sportclassic?

Thanks Jerome and all for an awesome day.  Still riding eddie ;)....and yes Sports Classic still have...just going through some plastic surgery;  as far as the 1198s...just a loaner
parts keep coming off

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Re: Saturday 2010/10/16: All roads to Idyllwild.
« Reply #82 on: 10/18/10 08:41AM »
Was AWESOME getting out with you guys Saturday for part of the ride, great pace, we'll until we hit traffic   Good seeing some old faces and meeting some new ones...

But was really nice doing a run with you guys, helped me loosten up for today's off road adventure, Got out to the dez this morning at 8am and by noon we kicked off some great miles...So fast and some really technical. Great weekend!! Was a NICE mix of pavement and dirt this weekend.

Catch you guys on another ride soon... 



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