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Powdercoating & Anodizing suggestion.
« on: 05/01/11 07:52PM »
Wants to either powdercoat or anodizing my 05 sportster mag wheels. 

Need suggestions on which but more importantly, who I should talk to have them done. 

Also how much I should pay for both wheels.  The wheels needs to be removed, so if a shop can do that too would be best.

Powdercoating has reputation of cracking, so anodizing is better, no?

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Re: Powdercoating & Anodizing suggestion.
« Reply #1 on: 05/27/11 09:28AM »
never heard of good powder coating job cracking in fact where i go it comes a 1yr warranty. I was in the same boat with my gold carrozzeria wheels, didn't like the gold and wanted that wine red that they come in now and after going to various places ended up powder coating. Reason why is that if the wheels have little nicks or light rash the powder coat will cover it, second the powder coating last longer and withstands to the wear and tear a lot better. Anodizing i found to be not as expensive as i thought but it will fade after about 6months but can be made to last longer if given a couple of clear coats, if theres nicks or anything of that sort they still be visible unless you sand down the damaged area, the uv rays over time will wear out the color ie start with red and end with pink. getting the bearings pulled is like $25 and another $25 to get them pressed back in and i recommend you buy new ones instead of reusing the old just because you cant be sure that they didnt get damaged when they were removed so simply for peace of mind. hope i was of help.

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Re: Powdercoating & Anodizing suggestion.
« Reply #2 on: 06/02/11 11:17PM »
Anodizing can fade....Powder Coating is more durable IMOP.
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