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Another SuperChicken Service 06-26-11
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 My bike had an intermittant speedo problem.  I traced it back from a lot of feedback from EBR to a VSS or a (vehicle speed sensor) this issue effected the speedo, trip meter and odometer.  Only happened for a few secs while riding.  Took it to SuperChicken to get the part put on.  It was a little tricky because the way Buell mounted it.  They did a too good of job of mounting it.  It started above the clutch cover and was routed near the rear shock over to the opposite side of the bike where it connected the other end of the cable.  It was frustrating at first but he ended up loosening the right foot peg and rear brake pedal assembly to get to where it was routed.  He was able to get it off.  So far anything I have thrown at him to do he has been able to do it with more than excellent results.  It is great to have a good mechanic when you find one.  :7:

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