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Helimot, Buffalo Pro Gloves
« on: 09/14/11 07:30AM »
I have always heard fantastic customer reviews of Helimot and his products so decided to pay him a visit in San Jose this past weekend. Helimot is a super down to earth and passionate guy. For those who don't know, Helimot ran Held USA's operations for many years and walked away to start his own custom leather shop after seeing more and more warranty returns and seam failures due to cut production costs of going overseas, etc.

Talking to Helimot, it takes about 4 hours to make a single glove from start to finish. The gloves look like a work of art and the nice thing is that because he runs a smaller shop operation he's always able to offer customers with custom sizing if they want extra slack taken out of a particular finger or something. I've been commuting with the glove for the past week and can say this is probably the best combination of comfort and protection for my use. Comparing to Lee Parks Gloves (great feel but no impact protection) the Helimot's are a little bulky at first due to the padding all around but now they feel fantastic. Retailing at $200 they aren't by any means cheap, but given the customer reviews, custom tailoring and ability to repair through Helimot directly I'd say they are a great option for anyone out there.

Other reviews at and I believe their site is currently down, but its

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Re: Helimot, Buffalo Pro Gloves
« Reply #1 on: 09/14/11 09:06AM »
Although I now wear Held, i wore Helimots for several years and agree with you...wonderful gloves.


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Re: Helimot, Buffalo Pro Gloves
« Reply #2 on: 09/14/11 09:09AM »
Helimot is the business  :7:


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