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Cannot log out from my Android
« on: 02/05/12 07:48AM »
I am not able to log out from my Android Smartphone. Everything is so close up there in the top left corner that I cannot tap 'Logout'. It either hits the Home key or My Profile. Seems the logo itself has a huge hot spot too that overlaps my avatar. The real point here is that I cannot log out from my phone. Its very frustrating!
Why is 'Home' even an option when you're on the Home page?
Where are my galleries??
One more thing that's different on my Android, is that the site gets super wide. Seems eBay does that too, but thought I'd mention it as well, since I have your attention.
Maybe one of you Mods can log me out, because I cannot.

-sent from my Android


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Re: Cannot log out from my Android
« Reply #1 on: 02/05/12 03:23PM »

I can't log you out, but if you follow this link on your phone, there is a link to log out on the bottom. This is the mobile version of the site, specifically formatted for mobile phones and smaller screens.;wap2


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