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  • Hi all im a new rider looking for a bit of help.
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honda shadow 1986 VT500C
« on: 06/01/12 08:52AM »
hello all i have a qusetun for riders that know about this bike.
is there after market pipes that i can out on this bike? it sounds like a dam loan mowere and in CA is there a good scrap yard that i might find parts? Or is there a way to take out the baffiels and will it meet the sound standerds of CA?

thank you :43:

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Re: honda shadow 1986 VT500C
« Reply #1 on: 06/01/12 09:02AM »

In short...  Probably not.  You might be able to find some pipes on ebay or by searching craigslist nation wide.

If you do modify the pipes, there's always the possibility that you'll get ticketed for it.  If you do, then putting them back to stock won't be cheap or easy.

I'd leave it stock and up my awareness of what traffic is going to do instead of depending on a pipe to tell them that I'm coming.  (Is it smart to place the responsibility for your life in the hands of people that don't care and aren't listening for you anyway?)  Keeping the pipes stock would also reduce the long term hearing damage that riding causes if you don't use hearing protection.

Have you considered hanging an air freshener from the bars?  The scent of freshly mowed grass would be appropriate.  I thought about that for the CBR250r that I'm currently riding.


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