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Since I always have a problem finding good gloves, I thought I should do a review on my favorite of them...

The Dainese Druids.

They felt a little weird at Cycle Gear when I tried them on, but after the first ride, it seemed like they loosened up/broke in pretty quick. They feature pinky protection (not bridged to the ring finger though), a plastic slide panel on the outside palm area, latex/rubber coated carbon pieces on fingers, foam panel on gauntlet area, and my favorite part is the metal knuckles under Carbon Fiber covered by some clear rubber/latex material. If I ever punch someone with these (in self defense only of course), probably would cause some serious damage. The white rubbed off on the grips a bit at first but went away after a few more rides. The white part on the inside also gets dirty easily (duh) but doesn't bother me as I have no intention of keeping them THAT clean if at all. I might have gotten black if I could buy them again though.

More on comfort...

Although pretty comfortable, they do get pretty hot and sticky inside. Definitely lacking a bit of airflow. They have small holes in between the fingers for ventilation, but doesn't feel like they do much.

Haven't crashed in them, but I feel pretty confident they will hold up pretty good.

They may be getting harder to find. Probably getting outdated. Here's a link to them on - where they also have a little video review.



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