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Re: Thoughts on AGV T-2
« Reply #20 on: 06/13/12 07:23AM »
Also, some AGVs are made in Italy and others in China.  I prefer the GP Tech because they feel better and are much lighter.  So look inside the helmet and check where it's made.

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Re: Thoughts on AGV T-2
« Reply #21 on: 06/13/12 10:48AM »

I also had an RF 1100 but sold it because I preferred the fit of the 1000. Newer shell is noticeably larger and just didn't feel good. GREAT helmet, but just never felt right.


exactly. This is why it is very important to test fit the helmet first before buy. Obviously not all helmet fits the same and with this example even helmets with the same company doesn't fit the same. I wear a medium on my RF1100 and my fat head had a hard time fitting an RF1000 medium.  RF1100 fits the best out of all the helmets I tried and i dont care if its "boring" looking like some people said.  I know it is hard sometimes to test fit every helmet you see online because some stores only carry certain brands but there is always stores out there that has every single brand that exist.  If you want to test fit a Nexx helmet, the only place I know that you can do that is Cycle City. 

I'm going to try the AGC helmet this weekend since I am in the process of buying a new helmet. AGV Grid doesn't seem like an expansive helmet like the Arai and X12. Pretty nice price actually.    And don't go cheap on a helmet. It will save your life. Any helmet that is 300 and up are usually great helmets.  Buying a 70 dollar helmet is a waste of the 70 bucks.
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