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Civil Code Section 3072??
« on: 09/16/12 01:16AM »
Here's the shortened story for you all.  I'm not sure what course of action I should take here.

Around June 18, 2012.  We signed all the necessary things on the pink slip and parted ways.  He paid with cash and I gave him the keys.  I went to AAA 3 days later (because I had work, 12 hour shifts) on my day off.  I turned in my release of liability portion of the pink slip.  2 days ago, 9/14/2012, I get a notice my bike is in storage by CHP as "wrecked".  Today I received a notice from CHP with the form Civil Code Section 3072: Notice of pending lien sale for vehicle valued $4000 or less.

The form gives me 3 options, but I don't know which one to choose because I on my end I released the vehicle already.   Help from anyone who has experience in this issue.



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Re: Civil Code Section 3072??
« Reply #1 on: 09/16/12 01:30AM »
Get all paperwork and then go to DMV to see about proving the vehicle registered to someone else. Then take that to the office that sent you the letter. Doubt they can say much seeing you no longer own it..

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Re: Civil Code Section 3072??
« Reply #2 on: 09/16/12 07:21AM »
I actually had a very similar experience. What's most likely happened is that the new owner never registered the vehicle. In the absence of any new information the DMV will contact the last registered owner (that's you). Just verify with the DMV that they have your release on file. You might be able to do some or all of this through AAA.
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Re: Civil Code Section 3072??
« Reply #3 on: 09/16/12 07:25AM »
It is easier than you think....

As long as you have all the paperwork, do nothing.....let the CHP auction it off.

You have released any and all responsibility to the bike as of the date of sale.  Let the "new" owner deal with it.  Since he failed to transfer the title into his name over the last 3 months, he probably won't do anything.

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Re: Civil Code Section 3072??
« Reply #4 on: 09/16/12 11:47AM »
This happend to me with a car I sold, signed over the pink slip, dropped it of at the post office the next day. 6 months later I get a collections notice in the mail from a towing company for $1200, towing and storage fees.
Called the collection agency and told them that's not my car I sold it. They made up some bullshit that bsince I nwas the last registered owner I was responsible for the towing fees. Either pay now or get sued. Went to the dmv and requested a printout of the release of liability form that was filed (cost me 5$). It says I'm not the owner anymore and it shows the new owners name and adress.

Collection agency kept calling me and harassing me. I told them to cut that shit out or I would sue them for harassment. Finally I got tired of this and faxed them a copy of the release of liability form and an invoice for the $5 they made me spend. I called the guy over and over again everyday asking for my 5 bucks.

Poit of the story is if you filled it out correctly and mailed it out. Don't worry about it. And next time don't sell anything to shady peop?le

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Re: Civil Code Section 3072??
« Reply #5 on: 09/16/12 05:29PM »
Thanks for the information guys.  I'll probably go to AAA to sort this out (I hate the DMV).  As for shady people, he didn't look shady at all when I sold it to him. He was an indian guy, really nice buttoned up shirt and drove to Torrance from LA in his fancy BMW5 series.  The bike is wrecked... so I'm actually concerned for the guy, we're all in this together right? 

I was actually thinking... If I paid the towing fees to get the bike (if it is repairable), would I own the bike again?


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