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Warning for doing my civic duty. Ego PUMPED
« on: 12/08/12 09:02AM »
I told a LEO off the other day, that was my road rage. The guy cut me off and almost caused an accident, then failed to signal and stop FOUR times (granted in a parking lot its void but they would still pull YOU over for it!).

I pull up next to him, say, "Hey arsehole, dont you ever farcking do that again! You almost caused an accident!" He goes, "Is that why you are following me?!" pulls me over and goes, "You are getting searched you know that right?!" To which I respond, "Call your sargent because I am making a complaint against you."

So I am sitting there this whole time smoking a FAT cigar. And the cop has the nerve to say, "And don't put no ashes on MY ground" I KNOW THE GUY WHO OWNS THE PROPERTY PERSONALLY LOLSCAPADES!

So the sargent gets there there are total 3 cars there and he asks me, "How can we handle this tonight?" Which means 'you caught us wanna let us go before we have to get mean to protect our egos?' so I told him to have a talk with the officer and if I followed up I would give the SARGENT a commendation. He adds, "We are gonna let you go with a warning" for doing my civic duty?!

Well, when I also filed the complaint against the officer I was patched into the sargent who says he has me on tape saying I didn't want to file a report. I reply, "It's my right to make a report so I am making one. I followed through on the commendation to you though, didn't I" in a condescending voice. To which he replied , "Yes it is and yes you did."


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