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Suzuki 650 Wiring
« on: 08/26/13 07:18AM »
Hi Guys

I have a Custom Suzuki with the old Mag style charging system Motor is an RC110Y 110cc/ 2T engine it is installed in a Custom frame.

My question is convertiong to a 650 Rectifier/Regulator. I have a couple of spare Stators complete with both coils. (Charging/lighting and Ignition) I need to boost charging Voltage at lower RPM. as it is used primarly city rides and doesn't seem to get into charging RPM much.... So after a few stop and goes... restarts... late in the day battery low... Thaks for (Saved By...) Kick starter!

Now so you know all electric on Bike is 12VDC, the only 12VAC is from Stator coil to Rectifier/Regulator. This is where I messed up the coil on the Stator I am about to rewrap... I had forgot about the yellow wire to lights being attachec to yellow from stator to Rectifier.... Smoked coil! ::) So everything I need will go to charging Battery.

So what I want to do is to rewrap Stator coil. I have room to wrap as 650's coil. Tieing all 3 coils together at one end and the other ends attach each to one of the 3 Yellow Wires. My question is this:
"Is the common end floated? Or is it Grounded to Stator plate?" If it is floated is 12VDC being created here? Help me out on this...

My bike is electric start and I can use the 7 wire Rectifier/Regulator and wire as shown in Diagram. Using the dual Grounds and Power Leads as shown I believe would help charging issue.

Now for those still reading :30: I have new Gel Battery 5Ma, new Starter, all electrical connections in Starter/Battery circuits where connectors are use and crimped... They are soldered! ::) My coil in question here is wrapped with 20ga, charging coil is 23' attached to White/red stripe lead and other is connected to 2nd coil and yellow lead. 2nd Coil is Lighting it is 40.5' and other end is to ground. I wrapped the coil before I cleared it to see how much more I could store. Same size wire I added 74' If you look at picture you will see that one coil uses in one area 1/3  area and is 4 wraps deep, in the other area it used 1/4 3 wraps deep. I could make 3 coil wraps 30-40' length and be safely doing this as magnetic wheel still has plenty of clearance.

I attached wiring diagram, Picture of spare stator I am planning to rewrap and for those of you still here (Loyalist!!! Thankyou!!) Here is a picture of Bike. Only thing I have left to do (when I got side-tracked) is to replace front Fork with complete assembly from  NSR150 Honda (Same as what rear assembly is from) This will eventually do 3 Things:
1: Even going back to 17" wheel/tire from 18" the longer Forks will still raise bars 5-6".
2: Give me Disc Brakes in front too!
3: Give me a matching wheel to (as my Wife says... :12:) complete the look! :1: :3:

Any idea or suggestions wanted... needed... requested... :44:
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