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"Tim Weig is a racer in numerous disciplines.  He was the 2012 Lucas Oils WERA West Lightweight Superbike and Superstock Champion.  He has raced motocross and also been in the pages of several top selling magazines in the past.  Tim is now focusing on racing Supermoto in the STTARS Series where he is regularly on the podium if not the top step along with other Supermoto events as his busy schedule allows.  Tim became a huge fan of some of our Advocare products.  He regularly uses Spark, Rehydrate and Pro 20 during the race day.  He gives straight and honest feedback on any products he uses so we highly appreciate the thumbs up he has given us.  We look forward to helping Tim in any area he needs for his racing fitness and cheering him on at the races.  Check out his web site at for more information and details on his racing career."

True story. I start out my race day with an Advocare Rehydrate packet, take a Pro 20 prior to my main events, and then if I need a boost I use Spark...

if you guys ever race / ride  on super hot days, I highly recommend the rehydrate product. It has saved my bacon down here in the SoCal heat many times now. 
Nate and Amanda both live in San Diego and offer health, fitness, and dietary guidance. Give em a shout!

-Tim Weig


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