Topic: Anyone know how to reset the ECU?  (Read 1523 times)

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Anyone know how to reset the ECU?
« on: 12/06/13 12:06PM »
picked up my 2013 cbr 250r, had 1700 miles on it. Had a yoshi, but i put a scorpion (slip on) on instead. I can tell the bikes running lean... Had it die on me one time after a long free way run. As soon as i pulled off and stopped at the light it cut out, and would not start. Pulled over, let it sit for a few min, started right up and rode perfect the rest of the night. But i can also tell at idle as well as just in the low end shes lean. If im at a light and blip the throttle some times she will cut out.... not often but still happens. I know they run on a closed loop system, but have heard that you can reset the ECU. After resetting it will take in new readings based on the bike at that moment and re calibrate. My hope is that i can have it balance out again, if not time for a power commander i guess.  Thanks in advance everyone!  :43:

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Re: Anyone know how to reset the ECU?
« Reply #2 on: 12/06/13 02:28PM »
great, thanks man! im going to give this a try this weekend


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Re: Anyone know how to reset the ECU?
« Reply #3 on: 12/06/13 04:18PM »
Did you disconnect the battery for a few minutes?  I don't know about that model specific but it sounds like you might have other issues.  Is your temp gauge at max?  A freeway ride means plenty of cooling.  I'd be more worried in stop and go traffic.

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Re: Anyone know how to reset the ECU?
« Reply #4 on: 12/06/13 04:25PM »
I did try disconnecting the battery for about 10 min with no change. Temp sensor is fine as far as I can tell, I've never seen it not read 3 bars unless its right when I turn it on. I've talked to others on the cbr forum and they have had similar issues after installing a slip on. Bike just runs lean in the lowend, and probably throughout the rest of the map as well, just not as noticeable.


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