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Re: My 11 1k Build (Future Track/race Bike)
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Use a stickier tire compound than Q3's. Get GPA211s like bumble bee said or Bridgestone R10s.

No point in having a Track bike without the best rubber, which is the most important part of the bike.

These thousands of dollars should really be spent on track time and track classes.

-Proper Suspension Tuning (in a race shop and a trackside person to help)
-Track Days
-Track Classes

Extra wheel, full exhaust, smaller battery will just slow you down because you can spend less money on the above, thus these items slow you down.

Its a bit different than car tuning because it is a higher percentage of the speed is in the rider than the motorcycle.

spot on
someone who has only done a "couple track days" (OP's original post) need not buy DOT race rubber...they can get away with Q2/Q3 tires and therefore spend more money on the other items you listed because the tires won't need replacing every couple of outings...
Have you seen OP's stable and list of accessories?  I doubt money is an issue.  Having the confidence of using the best rubber is money well spent. 

I run the GP-A211s without warmers and I do fine. I just take it slow on the first lap.  Running warmers is good too so you can go hard on the first lap, but I just don't wanna lug around a generator, extension cords, extra gas, etc

Re: My 11 1k Build (Future Track/race Bike)
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Thanks for all the input guys !! I do agree with the suspension set up and track day classes etc etc. Which I am going to spend a great deal on. Planning to do the STAR class and also the CSS, and of course a SH**T load of track days on many different tracks through out socal. Any suggestions on shops for suspension set ups? also a place to install bazzaz set up and dyno?

cyclemall for suspension and attack performance for tuning

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Re: My 11 1k Build (Future Track/race Bike)
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Lmao! Mo money mo problems, yo!


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Re: My 11 1k Build (Future Track/race Bike)
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Cyclemall for the suspension.  If you can find a set of euro Dunlop 211's, they are tits. 


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