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Petersen Museum - Harley vs. Indian
« on: 04/18/17 05:11PM »
Hi all,

Just a quick and shameless plug for my weekend employer. The Petersen Museum in L.A. recently launched a new exhibit called Harley vs. Indian -

If you haven't been to the Petersen since their giant remodeling, it really is something you have to see. The new exterior architecture is very interesting, and continues to be rather controversial as well.

Metro Purple Line construction has the intersection of Wilshire and Fairfax torn up for the foreseeable future, so getting there on a bike is a good move to get through traffic, and once you get to the parking garage, just pass between the barriers and you'll find free, moto-friendly parking. I should have given a heads-up a while back, the museum just had a big motorcycle cruise-in to coincide with the launch of the new display. I was out of town, so it wasn't on my radar.

They do monthly cars-and-coffee style cruise-in shows each month in the parking garage. The next one, April 30, will be for Japanese cars. That one is always cool to see. I'm usually there every other Saturday giving tours in the basement garage, "The Vault". Lots of cool stuff down there!
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