Topic: After many years of commuting on a bike, my number came up on Monday....  (Read 4799 times)

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I was commuting for 4yrs morning and back to work...lane splitting and  street roads.... well finally year ago...mine came up same as yours....morning frwy lane split and car jumps lane from number 2 to 1 lane... no signal or back check...just hop over... had to mauever quick reaction and ended up barely hitting rear truck enough to headshake but still on road against the middle divider....scraping still on saddle and sparking from handlebar contact.....finally slowed enough down to stop....but I never went down....just scraping handlebar against the frwy divider...was super lucky I stayed up...
thank god I didn;t panic brake stop or would have ended up smashing good....luckily traffic was not going fast and neither was I speeding the lane split....but still had rashes to my pinky fingers after the gloves wore down to  do some rash on my pinky fingers....thank god for the gloves hard armor knucle was a Cortech Adrenalin gloves....

luckily the concrette divider stopped me from landing on the north bound side which would have run me over like a pancake.......

I have since given up commuting in morning for work or after.....still ride and split occasionally but more for all day bike trips or outings..... but commuting/splitting in mornings is just too much for me now... and texters, smartphone people busy have given more more ammo to stop riding less.....

I can handle crash or accidents if I was at fault but when distracted drivers are popping up, texting drivers and traffic  comvos make up for some hard life lesson.....   my wife is glad I am not commuting by bike anymore...


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