Topic: Large Influx Of Illegal Immigrants Alert  (Read 5377 times)

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Re: Large Influx Of Illegal Immigrants Alert
« Reply #40 on: 07/03/14 07:19PM »
 ``Before the Obama administration put a gag order on the Border Patrol, agents were saying they recognized some of these so-called `kids' as gang members,'' Mehlman said. ``The agents were forced to take them anyway. The last thing any community wants is more gang members running around.''

Gang members aren't coming up here to pick lettuce and oranges. Maybe it's just a coincidence that the cartels are trying to sneak in their kiddies with the rest of the desperate mobs, but this reeks of Obama administration 'gunwalking'.


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Re: Large Influx Of Illegal Immigrants Alert
« Reply #42 on: 05/18/16 11:52AM »
lol @ fox news !!

For real. Not that CNN is any better ... we need to get away from this A versus B nonsense and start thinking about things instead of reading headlines about them.


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