Topic: 2004 Kawasaki ZX10R, only 13k miles - very clean - $5500 firm  (Read 2321 times)

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13k Miles - $5500 firm

Arata full titanium exhaust w/ carbon fiber can
Frame sliders
CRG Lever
Euro Racing Throttle
OEM Seat Cowl Cover

Very clean, never down, clean title

Feel free to call or text me at (714)330-1197 or email me at
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 :30: Welcome to the forum


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Sweet bike.  Welcome to the forum and GLWS.    Just a suggestion, but you may have better luck parting the bike out and at least getting something back for your exclusive items. 


2008 ZX10R Fiona
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Offline Racerx80

I know I will get more money by parting it out and putting it back to stock and sell it for $5000.  Some lucky guy or girl is going to get a sweet deal if they buy it now before I change my mind.

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Uhhhhhhhh no. 10k will buy you far better race bikes that aren't 11 years old.

Offline Racerx80

BlueJ, first of all I'm not stating its a race bike, only that is has many expensive parts on it that justify my asking price.  Since you sound like you have so much knowledge on what bikes are capable of, I have a proposal.  I'll bring my 2004 ZX10 to any local track and you can bring whatever bike you want.  If I run a better lap time you pay the $9500 I'm asking and if you turn a better lap time I'll give you a $1000.   


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Here we go again with people not interested in buying but complain about price.

If you go through that list of goodies on that ZX10, they add up to way more than the asking price.  Those wheels alone are probably $3k!  Suspension, another $2k if not more.  So if the bike without mods is about $4k due to low miles, just add those two items above and you're already close to the asking price.  So I think that's a fair asking price.  Because even if you bought a new ZX10R, which is about $14k plus tax and license, it won't have all the high end upgrades on this ZX10.  This ZX10 may in fact be a better performer and have tons of eye candy.

I'm thinking this ZX10 is not for anyone looking for the latest and greatest but want something unique, very fast, and appreciates the high quality of the components attached to the bike. 

I think it's worth it.  GLWS.

Offline Cass-anova

Seems it could be slightly over-priced compared to other bikes you could get for 9k (but definitely not as bad as that ridiculous 600rr)

Expect to only get back around 50% of original msrp on average for used mods.

I'd recommend putting bike back to stock and then sell the aftermarket parts separately. You'll definitely get more back then selling it all together.
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Offline Racerx80

Thanks Rogue, I'm not trying to state anything but it's a clean 2004 ZX10 with lots of goodies on it with low mileage.  One interesting fact about the bike that I didn't elaborate on is the front forks.  I bought these forks from the Kawasaki race team.  These are the forks Kawasaki used on a limited World Supersport and AMA Supersport Kawasaki's ZX10's. These came off of Tom Hayden's ZX10 bike, what makes them unique is they have Ohlin's internals you can't buy from Ohlin's.  The rods are bigger and other unique components.  I raced AMA from 1997-2001, the AMA setup a rule that you are able to buy any component from the factory team that they have on there bike for a price that the AMA set. If you went to buy these forks from Kawasaki race team off of Tom Hayden's bike they would cost you $10,000. I purchased them from Kawasaki for $5000 because I had connections with Kawasaki.
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Offline Agent_Orange

This bike is for a specific type of buyer. I'm sure there's a guy out there looking for something like this, but this definitely isn't intended for the usual craigslist tire kicker which is why I assume the OP posted it on a forum full of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Then again, I am partial to Kawis....especially orange ones. 
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Seems it could be slightly over-priced compared to other bikes you could get for 9k (but definitely not as bad as that ridiculous 600rr)

A buyer who looks at it from that perspective will not appreciate the upgrades on this ZX10R.  And that is the whole conundrum here.

A lot of used bike buyers are usually looking for THE BEST VALUE for the money they have to spend.  In their case, having $9,500 is pretty damn close to a newer bike, perhaps a used 2012 ZX10R.  Turning that around however, that same theoretical '12 ZX10R won't have the awesome upgraded components of the ZX10R for sale in this thread.

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Re: 2004 Kawasaki ZX10R, $5500 very clean, only 13k miles
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I just finished putting the Kawasaki ZX10 back to stock except the Arata Ti Exhaust that cost $1600, selling it for $5500 firm. Come's with the rear seat cowling too.

Offline BCMC

Are you selling any of the upgrade parts here? Or

Offline Racerx80

I'm in the middle of moving, but all the parts are for sale, make a list and I will give you a price.

Ohlins Front Internal Cartridges
Ohlins rear shock
Ohlins Steering damper top mount
Marchesini 10 Spoke Magnesium wheels
Brembo Calipers
Brembo Rotors
GP Pro Thumb rear brake
Carbon fiber exhaust can bracket
Arata rearsets
Powerjet injection Module
Powerjet Quick shifter
520 Conversion Sprockets/Chain
Catalyst Composite Bodywork
Attack Carbon fiber front fender
Acumen gear position led
Acumen Shift light led
OEM Seat Cowl Cover

Plus: all the stock body work, extra set of fiberglass bodywork, extra tank and more...


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