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CAPIROSSI on Ducati in 2007:
I have a lot of understeer and can't get the bike to run well

MELANDRI on Ducati in 2008 (interviewed later):
I had exactly the same (understeer) problems with the Ducati that Rossi had...but Ducati did not listen to my feedback. I asked for changes to be made to the bike... but Ducati merely replied that their bike had won a world title, and I would have to adapt my style.

STONER on Ducati in 2011 (his first year at Honda):
"For instance, we had many problems with the Ducati’s suspensions (sic), especially in this track. The drive would also close a lot on long corners, because there are many braking points and we suffered a bit. By contrast, these three days (with Honda) have been really fantastic. On Thursday I had a (front end) crash because I lost grip on the front wheel, but it was a one-time thing and it did not happen again (unlike the Ducati). It (Honda) is very different from the past (Ducati)."

ROSSI on Ducati in 2012:
"The bigger frustration, apart from the bad results and the bad feeling, is that more or less we have the same (understeer) problem with this bike after two years that we had in Valencia in 2010. And sometimes you have the feeling that you waste your time. This is the bigger frustration."

HAYDEN on Ducati in 2013:
“The turning is still the main area where we need to improve, but although we knew the beginning of the season was going to be tough, we have to stay focused and keep the course.”

DOVI on Ducati in 2013 (see also 2017 quote below):
The bike doesn’t turn. It wants to go straight. So I can't make higher speed in the middle of the corner because I can't keep the line.”

CRUTCHLOW on Ducati in 2014:
As was to be expected today, the Ducati bikes seem to be struggling with understeer, but we are trying hard to resolve the problem.

GIGI on Ducati in 2016:
“I think that our main problem is the turning of the bike in the middle of the corner. For sure we have to improve the chassis in that area, and we have some ideas. We tried to implement these ideas in the new bike and hopefully we’ll see if these ideas work.”

DOVI (again) on Ducati in 2017:
Dovizioso, though, emphasised that there was no one area Ducati has to focus on, saying instead it will have to conduct a thorough overhaul of the Desmosedici.  "We need to talk about the bike in 360 degrees," he said.  "There is no [single] bad aspect that we have to work on. It's a mix of many aspects that must work together.  "I don't want to call it a disaster, we must stay calm and work.  "But I'm the first to be disappointed and to know the limits of the bike."
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Re: Ducati: 10 Years in GP - Can You Guess the Problem?
« Reply #1 on: 04/27/17 12:15PM »
Ducati believes the problems are with the rider?

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Re: Ducati: 10 Years in GP - Can You Guess the Problem?
« Reply #2 on: 04/27/17 12:19PM »
The riders need to gain weight?
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Re: Ducati: 10 Years in GP - Can You Guess the Problem?
« Reply #3 on: 04/27/17 05:05PM »

They may be more successful in drag racing  :32:

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Re: Ducati: 10 Years in GP - Can You Guess the Problem?
« Reply #4 on: 04/28/17 04:25PM »
Jun and I had a long conversation about Ducati and their problems.  He pointed to the offset (triple-tree design) and how they refused to change it.  He was right.

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