Topic: Palomar Mountain - Ninja 300 vs Tree 9/25/16 (Rider walked away)  (Read 1386 times)

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  • I see what you did there.
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We had just rode up Palomar last weekend when a guy on a cruiser stated someone hit a tree. I found footage.

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damn, thats crazy. cant really tell if he was losing the front or if he slid out the rear on exit.. good thing it was the bike that hit the tree though and not him. also good that the camera rider wasnt just a second earlier or he would have probably been hit.

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I think he went wide lost the back getting back on pavement then lost the front and lost his sh*t when he missed the tree  :36:
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Anyone who "wants to ride the track" but is worried about damaging their bike should watch this video.
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Anyone who "wants to ride the track" but is worried about damaging their bike should watch this video.


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