Topic: Belt Drives Limited steals CA-Cycleworks designs  (Read 509 times)

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from Chris at CA-Cycleworks:

One of our suppliers stole our ExactFit product line.  :-[  :P  [thumbsdown]

They didn't even change the artwork...

That "BDL" company is Belt Drives Limited in Anaheim, CA. They were our sales people who handled distributing our belts from BesTorq, the manufacturer/importer in Nebraska. BDL, however, also has belts made for them in China. Probably in the same plant ours are made -- with the same molds that were custom built for our ExactFit timing belt products. As BDL were our account handler, they asked for the PDF files of the artwork for our ExactFit belts. BDL are the people who import the drive belts for Harley Davidsons as sold by Drag Specialties.

So, yeah, BDL was "let's get your belts in Parts Unlimited! We'll license it and send you royalties." ... that was just before they stopped filling our orders. And that's what caused the drought. They didn't tell us how they were not keeping up with our supply -- so we'd be 9 weeks behind.

There is no true recourse. I'm hoping everyone yells at Parts Unlimited and they at least switch to buying from us. This is a clear example of big business screwing over the little guy. I've worked 20 years and the belts were supposed to pay off our debt and hopefully fund my retirement as we transfer Cycleworks over to the kids -- in the next 15 or 20 years.

Parts Unlimited has MSRP higher than ours, so that will help us to continue sales with our established customer base and distributor network. P-U is on Facebook, @PartsUnlimited

For 20 years, I've built my reputation and business on taking care of y'all. And many many times, I've seen the forums kick it in to gear to save us in the little things. This is a big thing, we'll need big help.


Please, if you buy your own belts, make sure you're buying them directly from CA Cycleworks or Monsterparts.  I'll try to find out what other retailers have them.


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