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  Topic: Free Training Session on Low-Speed Maneuvers at Motowearhouse in Corona  (Read 503 times)

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125 Business Center Drive, Corona, California 92880

Sunday, April 23 at 10 AM - 11:30 AM
Next Week

Motowearhouse believes that rider safety is not just about good riding gear but also good riding skills. So in our ongoing effort to be an asset to the southern California riding community we are inviting you to join us for an hour long lecture/demonstration on throttle/clutch/brake control. And to help make it easy for you to attend, Motowearhouse will be having 2 sessions on April 23rd. (10:00am and 11:30am)

To help clarify what will be covered, below is a description of what the PROFESSIONAL MOTORCYCLE TRAINERS will present and then ride / role model to the group.

"Confident motorcycle riding is built on a foundation of low speed motorcycle handling proficiency. Many riders today struggle with below 12MPH motorcycle management. At MotoOne we believe that any motorcyclist can learn the skills necessary to manage their motorcycle, no matter the size and weight of the machine through techniques that we teach in our low speed riding classes. Have you ever seen police motorcycle officers practice tight cone patterns? Maybe you have been at a motorcycle event and seen a rider just move the machine through the crowd with a confidence that make you say "wow"! How do they make it look so easy? We will be explaining in detail and ride a demonstration for you to role model the training techniques that have been used to teach those riders how to make the motorcycle and themselves comfortable with slow speed maneuvers. There are a few tools that you have to utilize from your motorcycle riding tool box that make low speed manageable.

First you need to make sure your head and eyes maintain good information gathering by looking where you want to go. You will lead the motorcycle by looking up at the horizon and focusing on your path of travel ahead of you. Second you will need to use your clutch and place the lever in a semi static position at the point where the motorcycle is moving forward. Now these two techniques if well managed will create enough stability to manage the motorcycle at low speed. But to gain confidence, maneuverability and utilize all the tools available to you that the motorcycle and you have to offer you will want to incorporate use of the rear brake. This will help with balance, rate of pace and help keep the motorcycle stable. These skills do not typically come naturally to the average rider. At MotoOne we teach each rider how to utilize these techniques and many more to make the motorcycle work with you, we provide you with many more tools for your riding tool box.

Please come by and watch us demonstrate low speed maneuvers as well we will teach you how to safely pick up a downed motorcycle."

To make it as easy as possible of you to attend, we will have two sessions; one at 10:00am and another at 11:30am. (You are welcome to attend both.) Motowearhouse will be also offering snacks and in-store specials.
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Good stuff!  I'll try to make it.  (I hate looking like a dork at bike nights.)

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