Topic: Scorpion SG3 MK II Gloves size Large (10)  (Read 132 times)

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Scorpion SG3 MK II Gloves size Large (10)
« on: 06/06/17 04:28PM »
I'm selling a pair of Scorpion SG3 MKII gloves. These are only a couple months old and have only been worn maybe 5-6 times. They are essentially new, yet slightly broken in. These gloves have a couple of nice features, one being the Knox SPS sliders on the palm, the other is they can be used with your GPS/Smart phone (tip of index fingers only). This came in handy a couple of times when I needed to change my route on my phone map app. The one drawback that they have is the dual wrist strap tabs are a little short, making it difficult to overlap and secure the two straps against one another. I have been doing them as tight as I can without overlapping the the two straps with good results. The thicker you jacket sleeve, the easier my method is to use. Since they also have a wrist strap, securing this well should help secure them to your hand.

I'm asking $75.00.

I have provided a link to the product page on Revzilla for reference. Other than the dual closure issue, these have been getting good reviews.

Actual glove pics. (NOTE: For some reason my email notifications stopped working so if you PM me, please post here letting me you sent the PM. Thanks)

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Re: Scorpion SG3 MK II Gloves size Large (10)
« Reply #1 on: 06/06/17 04:52PM »
I have the "shorty" version of these, they held up well in my crash in January, and are still in use.



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