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Brno MotoGP -Spoiler Alert!-
« on: 08/06/17 11:12AM »
A weird race today.  What on Earth was the Yamaha team (and others) thinking when they stayed out on wet tires with a clearly drying track?  Did they think it would start raining again?  Other than that strategical error, Rossi rode well.  It's unbelievable to me that such an experienced team and rider, Yamaha and Rossi, would make such an incredible blunder in strategy.

Lorenzo and his new fairing looked good for, oh, maybe a lap or 2.

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Re: Brno MotoGP -Spoiler Alert!-
« Reply #1 on: 08/06/17 12:59PM »
This is what I read on reddit

Yamaha claims responsibility for throwing Rossi's chances out of the window

In the interview for Italian TV Meregalli stated that Rossi did nothing wrong, as he entered the pits on the very same lap that he was advised to. That means that the team was responsible for calling him in late.
As the interviewer asked why they did not call him in earlier, he answered that it was not possible, because first they wanted to see how fast Marquez was. They waited for Marquez to complete his first fastest lap of the race, TEN SECONDS FASTER than the leading group. Ten seconds. That means they didn't even bother to check his sectors so that Rossi could come in at the end of the very same lap. They waited for Marc to complete the lap so that Rossi could lose another ten seconds in what would be his in-lap.


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Re: Brno MotoGP -Spoiler Alert!-
« Reply #2 on: 08/06/17 03:59PM »
At least Yamaha had their bikes ready, Ducati didn't have a dry setup ready for their riders from what the commentators were saying! Both Dovi and JL had to wait to come in. Honda and MM pulled off one big coup! Dani said that he did regret doing the last lap before he went in for the bike change.

The race I found more interesting was Moto2, Tom Luthi was struggling before race day but seemed to have found something today. If you haven't seen the race, definitely worth watching. Haven't seen the Moto3 race yet, so I might check that out later today.
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Re: Brno MotoGP -Spoiler Alert!-
« Reply #3 on: 08/10/17 10:23AM »

Definitely an interesting race.  Seems like Marquez always gets it right in rainy conditions.  I personally don't care for these races with bike changes; a few guys get lucky and there's no real competition for the win.

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Re: Brno MotoGP -Spoiler Alert!-
« Reply #4 on: 08/10/17 12:16PM »
I'm not convinced it was entirely luck. Marquez went out with soft rain either he expected it to rain soon into the race or wanted use up the soft tires and get a sizable lead before changing to slicks. I believe the second though I think the soft tires gave out sooner than he thought they would.
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Re: Brno MotoGP -Spoiler Alert!-
« Reply #5 on: 08/10/17 04:17PM »
The Moto2 race was exciting, and very promising. It's awesome to see an American in GP racing again, especially one from So Cal! Joe Roberts did great in his debut -- 31st on the grid to 10th place. Looking forward to seeing how he does in the dry and on other tracks.  He's got and great last name and flat track experience.  :7:


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