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Welcome to California Motorcycle Community (CMC) Bike Night Events!!

Date: October 4, 2017
Time: 6:00PM - 11:00PM
Location: Gonzalez's Restaurant
Address: 1740 W. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA

Come Stop in and grab some awesome Mexican Food made from a Family Restaurant.They make awesome mexican food such as Pambasos, fish taco, enchiladas de mole, huaraches, chilaquiles, sopes and chile relleno!!

This is a new location of a friend/Co-worker of mine. Come by and hang out with New Riders/Make New Friends and trade riding stories with others.Has a lot of parking space,great prices on food, Beer & Wine,Soda,Roomy inside,Very modern inside,Flat screen TV to watch Sports ((ALL RIDERS & CAGERS ARE WELCOME FEEL FREE TO SHARE, BRING YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS!!..))

Bring your Scooters,Cruisers,Dual Purpose,Sport Bike,Sport Tour, Dirt Bike,Trikes and others,we dont stereo type anyone is Welcome to Join!!

This Bike Night will Happen the 1st Wednesday and Last Wednesday of Each Month!!!

Huge Parking space in Parking lot. (Feel free to introduce yourself when you show up,or find me I will introduce you to motorcyclist)


Are you a New or a Current Rider and want to feel welcomed on Rides,Cruises,go to Events or talk about anything motorcycle related, possibly sell or in search of bikes or shops,share pictures of videos of your adventures?! We don't mind what you ride even if its a 70cc or 1800cc + Bike. Feel free to join my group strictly for Southern California Motorcyclist Only. (Please Answer the questions when you join)
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Re: CMC Bike Night at Gonzalez's Restaurant Oct. 4,2017
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This one I can attend.
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