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We finally moved our containers down from Seattle, and have the wife's piano. Surprisingly, it's held its tune quite well. Only a minor tune would be needed for those with sensitive ears. It's currently located in the LEXIN offices in Montebello. Asking $500 or best, see full details here:

Personally owned since 1992 and just taken from 4 years in climate-controlled storage (moved from Seattle). This is a spinet. Spinets are ideal for the smallest of spaces due to being the most compact of the "upright piano" family. It's very apartment-friendly in size.

Chickering & Sons makes a quality piano. They're American-made, and the company was founded in 1823 in Boston. This piano, made in 1954/55 based on its serial number, is in good condition and has true ebony and ivory keys, although some ivories are chipped (from before my time). I had it tuned regularly and should still be in fine condition. The wood is walnut. There is some cabinet damage - it's a 60-year-old piece of furniture.

All the keys have full action and it's still reasonably in tune, so you can play before you buy.

The piano can be moved by four men, one on each corner, or two body-builder types.
You are responsible for moving to your own location.
I recommend tuning once it is in position in its new home, although it is playable now.


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