Topic: Going back to the commute that made me start riding motorcycles  (Read 133 times)

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Long, long ago, I lived at the north end of the 55, and worked at the sound end of it. It took 38 minutes to go 11 miles in a car. And all the while, I watched frustrated as motorcycles went whizzing by in the car pool lane. It didn't take long before I became one of those guys, and suddenly it took 18 minutes to go 11 miles. Not only could I take the car pool lane, but I could also take a semi-legal shortcut around a park within my complex where a car can't fit that cut out three stoplights before I got to the 55.

I was lured away from that job four years ago, and part of the appeal was that I'd be working in Rancho Santa Margarita. Twice the distance, but much of it through Santiago Canyon. I enjoyed it for the first two years... on Saturday mornings, I'd scoff as I watched the bikers meeting up at the gas stations along Chapman, getting ready to make a pilgrimage ride through the thing I used to get to work every day. In all of my time in the sometimes deadly canyon, I only had one close call, when a coyote darted across the road in front of me. A well placed pass could easily get me around any landscaping truck that hindered my speed.

Within the last year, however, looming housing developments in the Cooks Corner end of the canyon meant increasing fleets of dump trucks, cement mixers and contractor trucks plodding through the canyon, sometimes too numerous to pass. The commute became a chore. Within that same timeframe, the bank that bought my company got swallowed up by a bigger bank. The result was thirty brands under the same corporate ownership, and our company, being the smallest, is slated to me moved, possibly to Texas, possibly to Kentucky within the next few months.

At the same time, my former employer has grown, and I'm headed back. Back to the shortcut, the gridlock, and lane splitting the 55. But, I look forward to the 55-405 carpool flyover bridge. Nobody uses it, and it will once again become my personal Hotwheel track. Plus, no coyotes, and fewer bugs.
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That over pass is a real hoot in either direction as for the rest of your commute  the advice Id give is something "SNAPSHOT" told us during a Skillzday lesson.... We are ants dancing with elephants ALWAYS be on the defensive!
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