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Bikes For Sale / 2013 Triumph Speed Triple R $8,500
« on: 04/14/17 10:14PM »
Selling my Triumph Speed Triple R. It's a 2013 so it's got the Ohlins, forged wheels, and carbon bits. It's been my daily driver for about a year and has been on a few road trips. I bought it with 6k miles and is now about 14,300. 12k mile service was done at Triumph Newport Beach and the bike has no mechanical problems. It tipped over in the garage once when I was doing a chain service. Cracked the windscreen and scratched the engine case/mirror but zero mechanical damage. Tires are Pirelli Rosso 3s with plenty of life left. Selling because I bought a Multistrada. Test rides only with cash in my hand. You are welcome to have it inspected by a mechanic at your expense. I have a clean CA title in hand.

*Triumph windscreen
*Triumph LED turn signals
*Triumph Street Triple front subframe (lowers the headlights)
*Triumph Rear Wheel Finisher
*Leo Vince CF low pipe w/ Arrow tune
*EVOtech adjustable brake/clutch levers
*RG fender eliminator
*Koako throttle lock
*CRG Lane Splitter mirrors
*Shorai Li Ion lightweight battery

$8,500 OBO

I always try to notice other bikes coming up on me while splitting. Mainly because I don't like the pressure of someone behind me like that. It's easier to just let them go. Not to mention, 3 times I've seen bikes coming up on me, moved into the carpool lane and fully to the left of it to give them room, and had it be CHP. Every time, despite me having been all over the double yellow line, the cops waved and thanked me as they went by. If I had held them up, ticket??? :26:

I've come up behind CHP while lane splitting and had them slide over and wave me by. They are usually pretty chill in my experience if you aren't riding like an asshole.

I try to check my mirrors but when it's really tight splitting you need to focus on the road ahead. So I'll just glance if there is a gap generally. I try to be patient if I'm stuck behind someone riding slow since I'm sure it can be nerve wracking for newbies. You got about 5 mins before I get annoyed and start looking to pas

Product Reviews / Re: Hit-Air Vest (Air Bag)
« on: 07/23/16 01:42PM »
Revzilla sells Helite vests now. I like the idea I'm just not sure how confident I would be in it working. Too bad you can't get the D-Air street in the US.

Misc / Re: World Super Bike - Laguna Seca 2016
« on: 07/11/16 11:15PM »
I rode up Saturday night and came back after the races on Sunday, what an awesome experience... the 2015 R1 had no problems, except for squaring off the soft ass Bridgestone RS10s lol  :42: I love every minute of it though....will definitely be back next year with a bit better planning and hopefully for the whole weekend

We ran into a guy with an older R1 who rode up Sunday morning and back Sunday night from Costa Mesa. You R1 guys are nuts.

Misc / Re: Born Free 8 Motorcycle Show
« on: 06/26/16 05:21PM »
I thought it was cool too. Definitely worth the short drive and price of admission.

It wasn't amazing but it was worth watching. It's the first season too so I'm sure it was a small budget type deal.

The new Multistrada is anything but "tour biased." Its the best all around bike you can get, and it is capable of blowing the tires off everyone except the best of riders on literbikes in the canyon. You just need to put good tires on it.

How you ridden one? It feels far more relaxed than the previous gen. It's still stupid fast but not as aggressive IMO.

I rode a 2013 Multi the same day and much preferred it to the 2015. Felt sporty like the Speed but much more comfortable. I'm tempted to try to find a 13/14 Pikes Peak. Not to high jack your thread but something to consider if you want a little more edge coming from a Speed.

That's random, you have almost the exact same bike as me down to the color and exhaust and I went and test rode a Multi this weekend for the same reason. I ended up not liking it though, too touring biased for me. Good luck with the sale, I was hoping it was worth more so hopefully you get your asking price.

A couple pics from my Saturday ride down PCH.

Nice man! I'll have to get out there this year.

git ur ass off the seat!!!

j/k...dunno about the full size sumos, but the minis are faster around the track roadrace style

I think some of the really fast guys get a knee down there. I didn't even get close. lol (I'm the one in the back)

Your pictures aren't loading.

Are you riding or driving there?

It's a pretty long day and you wind up pretty beat at the end. It's still feasible to ride but I've always driven and not regretted it.

Track Days / Re: Auto Club Speedway April 24th
« on: 04/27/16 02:29PM »
Sounds awesome, I'll definitely try to make it out next time.

Or try this............

I've done SoCal Supermoto 3 times and I've done California Superbike School Level 1. I've yet to do a track day on my own bike though. I broke my shoulder in a couple places and my ribs when I hit a deer about 8 months back. I'm 95% OK but I'm still a bit cautious about really hitting it hard on the bike. Plus it's a pain in the ass to get my bike there.

Track Days / Re: Auto Club Speedway April 24th
« on: 04/27/16 02:14PM »
Sounds awesome, I'll definitely try to make it out next time.

Track Days / Re: Auto Club Speedway April 24th
« on: 04/08/16 12:51PM »
Is it completely insane for me to ride my bike there? I live in Orange so it's not a far ride at all and I'm slow as shit so I'm really not too concerned with crashing. I have a tow vehicle but no trailer so it's a PITA to rent something.

Track Days / Re: Auto Club Speedway April 24th
« on: 04/07/16 11:08PM »
I might go. Depends on if I can squeeze my ass into my leathers and my shoulder is up to it.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: DYNO
« on: 04/06/16 08:38PM »
Any other suggestions? What about Mach1? I want to smooth out my Speed Triple. I emailed Mickey Cohen but he'll only use a power commander and I don't want a piggy back. I emailed Attack too but haven't heard back yet.

If you want something done right, DO IT YOURSELF.

Where did you mine the ore that you processed into metal to fabricate your bike?

Metric method left a bolt out on my airbox.

I will only use who I use

I've always had good luck with them but I've only had them do tire changes and suspension setup.  All my service gets done at Ducati Newport.

If you're talking Yelp reviews, those don't start to have weight until about 200 reviews.  The math: the first 50 or so are friends and family and usually the average is 4.5+ stars.  The next 50 are likely legit.  The real average starts to show up after another 100 reviews or so.  Check the most recent reviews to see how the business is doing, after all, staff members come and go just like crappy technicians.

Yeah yelp, I dunno if I agree with all your statistics but they do get some mixed reviews. I'll stick to the places I know and trust. Thanks for the heads up.

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