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"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: r0ckrat's 4th anniversary ride
« on: Today at 04:37 PM »
That's a pretty nice route. Not sure I can make that date but will put in on the list just in case.

Off Topic / Re: 2017 MotoGP
« on: 05/22/17 11:49AM »
Zarco was the case example on why rookies should avoid even trying to lead.  :)
He was definitely fast, but in over his head.

Let's begin the pool on how long it takes JL99 to begin blaming tires, helmets, gloves, boots, the weather, the bike, the crew, and Dillon Grey for crappy finishes.

Vinales is the real deal. He demonstrated composure beyond his years in how he handled the race as a whole.
Still feel the same way about Zarco now after Le Mans? Dude took second in Q1 on one set of tires, then went on to take 3rd in Q2, then lead the race for some time and didn't let Vinales get away until much later in the race. I think he's the real deal and we'll see a lot more of him at the front during this season.

Off Topic / Re: 2017 MotoGP
« on: 05/22/17 11:45AM »
I don't speak whatever language, but it sure looked like there was something down on the surface right there...
Proven to be oil on the track which appeared to come from one of the 4 bikes in the first lap crash.

Yep, I was holding on to hope but alas, he didn't make it.  :(

Godspeed Nicky! R.I.P.

Situation looks unchanged. This was on the MotoGP website.

Updated at 12:00 CET, Sunday: Nicky Hayden’s condition remains extremely serious.

The American, who remains hospitalised in the Intensive Care unit in the Bufalini Hospital in Cesena, has suffered serious trauma with severe brain damage as a consequence.

The prognosis remains guarded.

MotoGP™ Legend and Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team rider Hayden was involved in a training accident whilst cycling in Italy. The American superstar was hit by a car whilst out cycling along the Rimini coast, where he has been spending some time following the recent Motul Italian Round of WorldSBK.

Emergency services were immediately called to the scene and Hayden was transported to local hospital. The 2006 Champion has since been moved to Cesena hospital.

More updates will come as soon as they are announced.

Both WSBK and MotoGP websites have not released any info on his death, so still crossing my fingers...

Saw this news earlier this morning but looking pretty serious for Nicky Hayden. Hoping he pulls through!

I did notice this on the HF web page.

Use on fully charged 12 volt wet lead-acid or AGM batteries only. Not for gel batteries.

Not sure if the Battery Tenders are any different but this would suggest that it is only a maintainer and not a charger.

Those are all great prices, but still not as cheap as Rotella T6 full synthetic at Wally World @ 5.34/quart (when you buy the 1 gal jug).  And you can even get it in 5W-40...  :29:
Uh Oh, this may turn into an oil thread now... ;)

New Members / Re: New(ish) South-County Rider
« on: 05/03/17 07:55PM »
Welcome Aboard Brando! Kick back and make yourself at home.

Yes Sir, Tight dusty n slippery........GOOD TIMES!
That's what she said!  ;)

Show us a video!!
Here you go.
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Show us a video!!
I'll see what I can do later today.

Well today I watched MotoGP and helped a neighbor with his bike but yesterday I took my 6 Gen VFR from this...

To This...

Racing Headquarters / Re: Lorenzo 2017 Final Position
« on: 04/22/17 04:55PM »
Well, I'm sure it'll take a little more to get the hang of the Duc completely but he did make 6th on the grid today. Had to go through Q1 to get there but he made it happen.

Happy Birthday Eddie!

Racing Headquarters / Re: Cast the Rossi Movie
« on: 04/20/17 04:40PM »
Cast the Rossi Movie:

Rossi -
Burgess -
Brivio -
Uccio -
Furusawa -
Doohan - Eric Bana
Capirossi -
Biaggi -
Hopkins- Ewen McGregor
Lorenzo -
Ryder/Moody -
Gibernau -
Melandri -
Hayden -
Earl Hayden -
Jarvis -
Stoner -
Suppo -
Domenicalli -
Preziosi -
Ezpeleta -
Edwards - Mathew McConaughey

Racing Headquarters / Re: Cast the Rossi Movie
« on: 04/20/17 04:01PM »
Hmm, working on it...

Racing Headquarters / Re: Lorenzo 2017 Final Position
« on: 04/18/17 12:43PM »
Not one to feed the rumor mill normally but there was this story

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