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"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / r0ckrat's 4th anniversary ride
« on: 05/24/17 03:18PM »
June 4th this year marks the 4th anniversary of being a rider for me, so I'm going for a long ride. You are more than welcome to join me, and celebrate!

On June 4th, 2013, I bought my SV650 - and never looked back. It was my first street bike after a long life of wishing, and it's been great so far. This year, the 4th falls on a Sunday, so I'm going to take advantage and go riding. My planned route is Hwy 2 (ACH) from Flintridge to Big Pines, head west towards Littlerock, and come back over Angeles Forest Road and Big Tujunga Canyon Road, coming out in Sunland-Tujunga.

Meetup will be the Shell Station at the entrance to ACH, 7:45am (Yes, I know it's early.)
4530 Angeles Crest Hwy, La Caņada Flintridge, CA 91011

KSU 8am

All rider levels welcome. Fast guys are welcome to run ahead, I'll be running a moderate pace. Slower riders are welcome, if turnout is low, my pace will be reduced to something anyone can keep up with safely, but be sure to ride your own pace.
Wear full gear.

Possible detours if people are interested:
* The view at the Mt Wilson Observatory is wonderful, and it's a nice ride to get to, adds about 45 minutes.
* Break at Newcombs, of course.
* Lunch on the backside of the Angeles Crest perhaps in Littlerock.

Rough route posted, subject to change. Only 116 miles, but most of it curvy.

Care to come out and play?

Misc / Zach Buob Memorial Ride
« on: 05/22/17 03:34PM »

Keep an eye on Facebook for full details.

Racing Headquarters / Re: F*** Julian Ryder
« on: 05/22/17 03:33PM »
All he mentioned was that he was a very respected American, and that he was a great face for our nation. Maybe I read it wrong but I didn't feel his comments were that out of touch. His stories seemed genuine and painted a picture of a polite, humble, and talented rider.

Sounds like it will end up yours, Gone in 60. :D

Off Topic / Re: 2017 MotoGP
« on: 05/22/17 10:35AM »
I don't speak whatever language, but it sure looked like there was something down on the surface right there...

Helped my next door neighbor drop a Honda Cbr750 motor on crack into his midget racer.

I was wondering what that thing was sitting there for the other day when I stopped by...

Family released a statement that Nicky passed away today.
I wonder if your link was before or after this one was released?

I googled to check, so probably before... Dang it.

Fingers crossed for a recovery then.

If that visor is R410/R710 compatible, I'll take it off your hands.

No experience with that one, but with code NEWLEXINSITE at checkout you can get this one at 20% off, and I trust this one:

I was out riding, so I missed it... :(

Hey guys. I know I should start on something smaller to get used to dirt, but it's just going to kill me to to spend cash and time on something I don't know how long I'd keep it for.

So, you don't know if you are going to like riding on dirt, but want to spend more to get started, rather than spending less to get started and figure out if you like it...

OK.  :26:

Just saying.

Off Topic / Re: 91 express lanes
« on: 05/08/17 07:15PM »
From what I've read, toll lanes inside LA County are free for bikes. Which is why the 91 isn't. Tools don't start until after you've left LA County...

I was hoping this would pop up...

Downtown Disney parking is no longer free for motos. The gates don't necessarily recognize that you are there on the way in, but the exit guards don't let you out without paying.

 >:( >:( >:(

Oh, and the security checkpoint for Disneyland/CA Adventure is now at the entry to DT Disney, and I'm assuming another at the Parking Tram loading area. Complete with metal detectors. They no longer have valet parking at DT Disney - that loop driveway is now closed to vehicles.

Either that or it rarely breaks so they don't stock it.
Bingo! Same pushrod as on the SV, I think, and the greatest cause of breakage is a broken chain. So guess how often that happens... LOL!

Usually it's excessive chain slack, but could be several other things. A rock bouncing, for instance...

Gloves / Re: Del Rosario gloves
« on: 04/13/17 07:59AM »
What is magical about these gloves?  Other than the price, that is.

Don't know that it's magical - Privateer said "Mythical", because they were a long time coming...

Misc / Re: Sunday Ride
« on: 04/11/17 07:50AM »
Does anyone have a description of the rider that was in the middle of the corner?

RDTodd - if you talk to IQZero can you ask about the bike/rider that was there?

Misc / Re: Sunday Ride
« on: 04/10/17 01:08PM »
I'd go get some x-rays - looks broken, and might not heal right if not set properly.

Posted about it to a couple groups on FB in case they hear or know anything. Is it OK to include the photos of the hand, and do you have a picture of the damage to the bike?

Hope you heal up quick.

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