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I also forgot there was some shrimp fried rice from pickup stix in the top case...they got all over the inside as I bounced around off road. Gross.

Tossed Rice with Shrimp!

 :32: :32: :32: :32:

Tales of the Road / Re: Just bad on both parties
« on: 06/23/17 02:35PM »
I agree 100%. There's more video than we are being shown. As usual, we are being victimized by media bias.

The video was shot from the passenger seat of a following car using a cell phone. They stated that they started filming after the initial incident - i.e. this is all there is.

They also reported that they started filming because they saw the car change lanes into the space occupied by the rider, that there were words/handshaking and horns, which is why they started filming. Then the rider kicked the car.

#1 - let it fluffing go. To both of them. If you are at fault (merged without looking), admit it, then move on. If you are on a bike, just let it fluffing go unless you have a death wish.
#2 - the car swerved into the bike after the bike kicked him. The bike was already swerving away, so the contact was probably very minor. Still, excellent control in keeping it off the barrier. Agreed.
#3 - BUT... Leaving the scene of an accident that you had a part in was the height of stupidity. And now that rider is going to eventually be found, and his (probably already messed up life) is going to get much worse.

He's likely going to blame someone else (the driver of the car) for his problems, even though he had a VERY LARGE part in the outcome, because he couldn't control his temper. Same for the car driver. With the video evidence, he's screwed too. And he's going to blame the motorcycle because he also was unable to control his temper.

The pickup driver was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's allowed to blame both of those idiots. He was two lanes over from where the confrontation took place, and never saw it coming. Poor guy.

Edit - I really like the nanny software that fixes my spelling... ;)

Tj split for the Mammoth mountain moto at 3 this morning landed by noon and was snowboarding by 2pm...... Aaaaah to be young again!

Nice Van!

I have the "shorty" version of these, they held up well in my crash in January, and are still in use.


Miscellaneous / Re: Fly-racing display stand.
« on: 06/04/17 08:57PM »
I'm interested!

PM details of how/when to come look at it up close, as I have a few questions to ask at the same time.

Good ride, no accidents in the party, full report to follow. Processing video now. Not very good video, but video.

You don't have to be there by 7, osu is at 8....

Thinking lunch at Charlie Brown's farm in little rock.

Tomorrow morning! Really looking forward to a great ride in the mountains! If you are coming by running late, you can text me at 206.280.5193.

That's what I'd found, as well.

So, I've heard rumors that ACH is closed just past the tunnel - does anyone know if this is true?

Oh - and here's the Facebook event for the ride:

I don't have proper scooter for such a ride but I'm with you in spirit your a GOOD DUDE Steven congrats on making it riding 4 years in the urban jungle and scoring the new job.

Steal the 300 from Niki? LOL!

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / r0ckrat's 4th anniversary ride
« on: 05/24/17 03:18PM »
June 4th this year marks the 4th anniversary of being a rider for me, so I'm going for a long ride. You are more than welcome to join me, and celebrate!

On June 4th, 2013, I bought my SV650 - and never looked back. It was my first street bike after a long life of wishing, and it's been great so far. This year, the 4th falls on a Sunday, so I'm going to take advantage and go riding. My planned route is Hwy 2 (ACH) from Flintridge to Big Pines, head west towards Littlerock, and come back over Angeles Forest Road and Big Tujunga Canyon Road, coming out in Sunland-Tujunga.

Meetup will be the Shell Station at the entrance to ACH, 7:45am (Yes, I know it's early.)
4530 Angeles Crest Hwy, La Caņada Flintridge, CA 91011

KSU 8am

All rider levels welcome. Fast guys are welcome to run ahead, I'll be running a moderate pace. Slower riders are welcome, if turnout is low, my pace will be reduced to something anyone can keep up with safely, but be sure to ride your own pace.
Wear full gear.

Possible detours if people are interested:
* The view at the Mt Wilson Observatory is wonderful, and it's a nice ride to get to, adds about 45 minutes.
* Break at Newcombs, of course.
* Lunch on the backside of the Angeles Crest perhaps in Littlerock.

Rough route posted, subject to change. Only 116 miles, but most of it curvy.

Care to come out and play?

Misc / Zach Buob Memorial Ride
« on: 05/22/17 03:34PM »

Keep an eye on Facebook for full details.

Racing Headquarters / Re: F*** Julian Ryder
« on: 05/22/17 03:33PM »
All he mentioned was that he was a very respected American, and that he was a great face for our nation. Maybe I read it wrong but I didn't feel his comments were that out of touch. His stories seemed genuine and painted a picture of a polite, humble, and talented rider.

Sounds like it will end up yours, Gone in 60. :D

Off Topic / Re: 2017 MotoGP
« on: 05/22/17 10:35AM »
I don't speak whatever language, but it sure looked like there was something down on the surface right there...

Helped my next door neighbor drop a Honda Cbr750 motor on crack into his midget racer.

I was wondering what that thing was sitting there for the other day when I stopped by...

Family released a statement that Nicky passed away today.
I wonder if your link was before or after this one was released?

I googled to check, so probably before... Dang it.

Fingers crossed for a recovery then.

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