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was up there camping at the observatory this weekend.  saw you guys zipping up Sunday :17:

Thanks all for the advice.  I have been trying to call motorhelmets since saturday to no avail.  I would go back to them if they had their free installation promotion again.  Sounds like I can order that tire online for now and take the wheel off to get it installed and balanced for $30 or just try to install it myself first.  I'm pretty capable with tools so I might just give it a go first.

Anyone here ever change their own tires?  I saw a few videos on the subject and it seems easy.  I was planning on using balancing beads if i tried.  They have the rear tire I want for $180 shipped online.  but cheapest I found was $235 to have local shop do it.  Thanks from a brother on budget.

ugly Christmas helmet...

oh yeah!

let us know your thoughts on the 20s. :7:

I'm planning to meet up with some buddies this afternoon to do a little fishing and cigars in Balboa.  Anyone have experience with parking around there?  specifically by s. bay front and coral.,+CA+92662/@33.6047212,-117.892695,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x80dce06ed5f75d73:0xdf6c623769dcbf3a

just watched "On any Sunday". what a great classic film!

Read this sad story this morning.  I was riding up in Ortega just hours before this on Sunday.

loud enough to use with ear plugs?

I have some ear plugs on me so I'll try it later.  but I would say yes since I had to turn the volume down a few times.

I've done this before, its as cool as cool gets for spending 1/10 of what the real thing costs. When the cool factor wears away, I'd highly reccomend just getting a chatterbox or sena (as i did too). It will also do better visual justice to your brand new $430 RF-1200

I agree.  I'm holding out for the Sena 20s , but want to see more reviews from riders before I decide.  Then I'll use the mpow bluetooth for my car aux input.  :7:

Gotta say this little $18 receiver sounds great after tweaking my iphone eq to bass booster on. sounds fuller.

I wanted some decent music listening but was tired of earbuds tethered to my iphone so I decided to pick up a bluetooth receiver off amazon for $18.  I also had some cheap helmet speakers off eBay for under $3.
It's an amazing setup for about $20 bucks.  pairing was easy to my iphone. music quality lacks bass but is super clear.  I just velcro taped the receiver to the helmet and taped in the speakers. Took a 2hour ride up Ortega to the Outlook roadhouse and there was still plenty of power after.  Just wanted to share this setup to those on a budget and don't need the communicator

Drakes still available?  I wear a 31-32 waist.  would they fit me?

ended up at motorhelmets getting tires mounted.  decided to get both front and rear.

just as a side note, the last time I used motorhelmets, I was pleased to see my OTD price was less than the price posted on the website (altho I did take just the wheel in) -,64259.0.html

I agree.  Great service and at $218+tax for a set of Diablo Rosso II's Mounted just couldn't be beat.

Crash Stories / Re: Witnessed my first crash today
« on: 07/04/14 01:31AM »
with all the crazy/ sad news going on latley, My hearts been heavy and my rides have been much more vigilant and less fun.  I want to wish to all my brothers on two wheels to remember the joys and freedom of riding..... ........keep on keeping on.

ended up at motorhelmets getting tires mounted.  decided to get both front and rear.

Btw, almost everything in the store is 20% off today! might pick up gear.

Condolences to his family.   RIP Quickie

so I decided to take a ride down to yellow devil gear after work to check out Jessica's goods.  Upon leaving I get a holy crap moment. Rear tires are done.  I used to go to mach1 in Costa Mesa years ago but any other good places for rubber?

Damn.. ALL OF THEM? ;)

Damn arm chair proof readers ....... nice catch. :24:

Thanks all for chiming in.  feeling too good on some cognac and cigars so I'll soak all this in tomorrow.  I think cycles unlimited is blocks from me so might call them first. 

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