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"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: r0ckrat's 4th anniversary ride
« on: Today at 09:54 PM »
I don't have proper scooter for such a ride but I'm with you in spirit your a GOOD DUDE Steven congrats on making it riding 4 years in the urban jungle and scoring the new job.

Steal the 300 from Niki? LOL!
You boys are outta my league, Ride hard BE SAFE!

I don't have proper scooter for such a ride but I'm with you in spirit your a GOOD DUDE Steven congrats on making it riding 4 years in the urban jungle and scoring the new job.

Done safe ended up 3rd out of eight on the 100 and 2nd out of ten on the 250 good times for sure, Meatball (Yes that's his name hes on the left of pic)runs a reeealy fun and safe race with classes for all from pull start minis to modern bikes.

Helped my next door neighbor drop a Honda Cbr750 motor on crack into his midget racer.

Hoping to make it to this soon. Sounds like a good turn out!
2nd Sunday of each month 2 to 4 Pm all bikes are welcome!

 We were members n did a few races in 04 thru 07 but mostly just to attend the Mini Nationals at Barona oaks each year.

 This is a fun one not only to race but spectate, Cant wait till Sunday!!

I was there, saw RDTodd and several other peeps!
Always a pleasure to see you Eddie not a bad turn out being it was Mothers Day I voted for the silver n orange Triumph restore.

Is this the same location as the old Beach Burger / Bravo Burger?
No Tim its at the at the old Mr Petes restaraunt on Brookhurst.

Ima swing by.

Started in Oc now SanO


Just looked up Galileo Hill on Google Maps, looks interesting!!! So looks like it's a resort out in the middle of nowhere...and CalCity is out in the middle of nowhere already!!! My only dual sport at the moment is a large bore KTM so can't do too super tight/techy stuff, but can handle most terrains ok. Probably gonna be in the 90's+ real quick so the window is closing.
We ben racing year round so long heat is not an issue , Arrive Friday evening to a air conditioned room have some drinks at the bar then suit up by 8am Saturday for a good 3 hour loop then back for lunch by the pool hang till 3 r so when it cools down then take another ride, Next morning rinse and repeat The wife my daughter and her bou are in also we love the place lets set a date!           

Couple pics from Thanksgiving 2004 we would camp a few miles away then take a granny ride with a chase truck to the park and picnic, Good times!

My first dirt memories are from CalCity as a kid at Galileo Hill camp ground lets set a date for a weekend its a resort in the middle of the desert with pool/bar nice rooms or you can camp near by, Riding is endless with trails perfect for beginners to the best riders, Ill do some research on this being my daughter Niki want to do one more trip this year maybe we can get a few together for a weekend before it gets hot.

Yeah grab a two stroke 250 n go for it  I might pick that Honda up  those  buggers can be punched out n made to go fast My lil buddie Micha beats my two stroke every time.

84 XL 200 needs a carb $500 Craigslist OC, Neat little starter bike.

Maintenance on either isn't hard if you keep up on it just buy something turn key, Being your just starting in the dirt I suggest  a TTR 225 or Xr  to get started if you shop you can find around 1,300 or so get the hang of it ride one of Breakdirts or my two strokes see if you can hang on then trade up NO SHAME in baby steps dirt bike riding is not to be takin lightly Ive seen legs arms n femurs bent and broken in all directions over the years, Pm me I can get you a fair deal on some some quality gear....... AGATT!!!!

Looks well maintained I Like it!

New Members / Re: New(ish) South-County Rider
« on: 05/03/17 01:26PM »
Welcome to the madness!

Off Topic / Re: Oddball places to visit in Vegas?
« on: 05/03/17 03:47AM »
Over two hours at the mob museum it was fascinating then the movie cars where I got to see the original Batcycle from the 60s Batman Tv series I loved as a kid, Who knew it was a Yamaha Xs 650 Haaa.

Actually the 60's Batcycle was a 2-stroke! :7: It was a Yamaha YDS3 Catalina.

The XS models didn't come out until the original series was already off the air so I'm not sure what that one is from
Sh@t your right he lied to me I want my five dollars back!!!!!

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