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Crash Stories / Rider Down 21 Jan 2017
« on: 01/23/17 04:00PM »
Strange story. Jumped on the 5N at Alicia Parkway at 10:20am and was met with a halt. Edged forward and finally saw what I knew it was, a bike was down. I went to help, and talked with the buddy of the downed rider, and he and another bystander helped upright the bike. Rider who went down was nowhere to be seen. Bystander was saying something like "he's in that car over there." Very strange. Either of you on the board? That was me on the red ducati.

Tales of the Road / Cager Lane Shared with me
« on: 12/07/16 01:06PM »
I remember reading something very similar not too long ago on here. I still get pissed off when I think of this.

About 3 weeks ago, on the 405 S, I was cruising about 80mph in the carpool lane. I was fully geared up except for pants, and doing nothing squid-like. I was splitting lanes earlier (only potential motivation I can think of) as traffic ebbed and flowed, but again, nothing that was overtly insulting to motorists. I'm easing back on the throttle as I notice traffic slightly slowing ahead. Checking my 6 and a car is approaching me. No cause for concern yet, so I continue to monitor. I'm hugging the double yellows as I usually do. Continue monitoring. Car is getting closer. To my absolute shock, the dude gets right beside me. Didn't force me over or anything, as he had enough space, but I couldn't believe what the hell this animal was doing. I looked over to give him the disapproval, and to my shock, he seemed to be alone in the carpool lane as well! Did I offend this guy somehow when I was splitting earlier? Who knows. I blipped the throttle and took my lane back, and he seemed to back off, but after a second or 2 of thought, I dropped a gear and moved about 10 cars ahead just to be safe. Seen too many videos of this sort of thing going extremely badly very quickly. Guy was Asian, in his 30s or 40s, in a silver Lexus (IS250, I think). Took some self control to not slow way down and mess with him, but luckily a cooler head prevailed.

Bikes For Sale / 2012 1199 Panigale S w/ ABS $13,995
« on: 10/31/16 10:25AM »

Parts For Sale / TechMount
« on: 08/12/16 08:01AM »

Includes TechMount + flat plate w/ velcro and all hardware. Mint condition. For mounting in the fork position (check link for bike fitment).

Bikes For Sale / gone
« on: 07/13/16 08:31AM »
Things have changed. Will Relist later

Miscellaneous / sold
« on: 06/12/16 12:12PM »

Miscellaneous / Sold
« on: 04/25/16 08:32AM »

Pick up in Santa Ana. Size M Item #50002-02 (small cruisers). $50

Miscellaneous / FS: Pitbull Rear Stand
« on: 04/12/16 07:25PM »

Gear For Sale / AlpineStars SP-1 Size M - $80
« on: 06/02/15 09:09AM »
Great condition. Barely used.

Bikes For Sale / FS: 2004 Honda CBR600RR
« on: 05/20/15 10:08AM »

Parts For Sale / sold
« on: 04/28/15 02:57PM »

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