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General Motorcycle Discussion / Happy trails
« on: 10/12/16 11:54AM »
Hey everyone -- I'm moving up to Silicon Valley & wanted to say a quick thanks & farewell. I loved living in OC but my company got bought and my job went away and I found a new gig up there for a tech company. We're going to keep our house here and rent it out, so hopefully one we'll move back, although it'll probably be a while.

It's been a good run here in SoCal & it's been great meeting & riding with so many of you. I have always commuted to work every day since I moved here but haven't taken as many "fun" rides over the last year and a half or so since I got married, but I had a blast taking local rides & also two trips (6 states in 4 days and Central Coast) with many of you.  I started riding when I moved down here from Seattle, and it was one of the best things I ever did for myself.

Thanks everyone for the friendship & great rides. Be good & stay safe.

Off Topic / New retro Cali license plates
« on: 08/14/16 10:00AM »
I gotta say, I'm a big fan of these 'new' Cali license plates. The current design is super-boring & generic other than the scripted 'California'. But I really love the black & yellow contrast and it looks really sharp on my gray colored car.

I've had the new plate for my car for about a month, and will probably pick up the motorcycle plate version when my registration comes due, although with the shrunken size and thinner numbers it doesn't look as cool as the car version. So far I've only seen 1 motorcycle plate out in the field. Anyone have this yet? Thoughts?

Off Topic / Fire, Fire on the Mountain
« on: 06/15/16 04:45PM »
I was just riding home and there's a pretty big brush fire in the hills where 73 merges onto 5-South, on the west side near the Saddleback Church.

The news had this photo -- apparently it's already up to 15 acres. I guess they're getting it under control but it was still raging pretty hard at 4:30 and heading uphill to where some houses are.

Crazy, especially since it wasn't all that hot today. Hope they get it under control before it gets to the residential areas.


This is bad-ass!

Apparently they built their own ECU for this and keep it running at a screaming 12,000 RPM to get it to cruise at ~170 mph. Awesome.  Wish I were more mechanically inclined so I would design something like this.

Today coming home I got caught in the storms and got absolutely drenched by the time I rolled in. Thought I had another hour before the rain came, but boy it came. Had a waterproof jacket so I was good on my torso, but my pants, boots, gloves and helmet were drenched and I literally poured water out of my boots. Getting caught in the rain wasn't quite as romantic as the song makes it out to be!

Help me feel better by sharing your miserable tales. What's your coldest/wettest/most miserable time you've gotten caught riding in the rain?

A few of us were talking about this at lunch today, and I have to say I'm pretty stoked to see this on Tuesday night on FX. Like all of you, I remember exactly what I was doing when the White Bronco chase went down, and I was riveted through the whole trial. As I was riding on the 405 near the Spectrum Center today, I was thinking how the chase came all the way down there, and I wondered if the Bronco took that 1-lane commuter lane ramp that loops you down onto the 5-South?

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Off Topic / Cali is a great place to be this week
« on: 01/23/16 09:25AM »
I'm originally from Ohio, and every time I see snow storms and horrible winter weather back east, I thank the universe that I'm here in Cali where a 'cold day' means I have to wear a sweater or light jacket.

Just south of my hometown Cincinnati in Kentucky there is currently a 30+ mile long parking lot on an interstate. It's gonna be an interesting week ahead for these guys!

Off Topic / Hey Cagers, get out of the left lane!
« on: 01/06/16 08:17AM »

This has always been my biggest driving pet peeve, and unfortunately in today's "everybody is a special snowflake" society, it's only getting worse. This article clearly demonstrates why this is so ruinous for traffic patterns everywhere.

If I were a billionaire, my charity would be to fund a massive public awareness campaign to eradicate things like driving slowly in the left lane, rushing into an elevator before letting people out first, or not having your wallet out & ready when you're in line at Starbucks or Ralphs. I reckon that would do more to improve our collective quality of life than anything the Gates Foundation has ever accomplished.

El Nino hasn't officially started and yet I can already tell that crazy shit is going to happen this winter.

The Santa Ana winds this week were a taste of things to come. I rode my Vespa to get coffee this morning and felt like I was on a gymkhana course dodging the palm husks that had been blown off. I'm going through my outside space today to latch a few things down, 'cause that wind is serious.

We need rain desperately, and yet the drought and fires we've had will make for a lot of mudslides and flooding and other messes. I think all this heat we've been having is a distraction from the fact that El Nino is gonna be swooping in very soon.

Winter is coming.

I have to confess, every time I see one of these ugly ducklings on the road I roll my eyes a bit. But at the same time I have to admit I'm a little curious and wouldn't mind giving one of these a go to see what they can do and how similar/different it is from a motorcycle.

Anyone ridden one of these things? What did you think?

I guess the target market is mostly older folks who have grown too nervous to ride a motorcycle? I'm not sure who else would actually buy one.  Giving these folks 'the wave' is fun to do -- i guess they realize how dorky they look and they seem to appreciate it.

General Motorcycle Discussion / the 'Get Back' whip
« on: 04/15/15 02:08PM »
This morning I was at Shell filling up, and there was a Harley next to me. Said Harley rider was surprisingly friendly and actually initiated conversation with me as we were filling up.

Once I got over the surprise of someone on a Harley actually acknowledging my existence, I took advantage of the opportunity and asked him a question I've always wondered, which is, what the hell is that weird leather strap thing that these guys have hanging off their handlebars.

Turns out it's called a "Get Back" whip, as in, if a car or someone gives me any problems i'll bring out my trusty whip and get them to back off. He said that most riders don't even know what they are but get them 'cause they think they look cool.

This is one of those things where, even after learning what it is, I am even more confused than I was before I heard about it.

In addition to being not very attractive, this seems dangerous as hell. If I tried to use a friggin' whip while I was riding I'm pretty sure I'd crash, or get it stuck in my front brake assembly.

Any of you guys ever have or use one of these? Am I missing something, or is this truly as dumb as it seems?

Off Topic / Hail comes to HB
« on: 03/02/15 01:10PM »
Whoa, this is crazy! Glad I'm in Maui this week.

Did it hail elsewhere in OC or just HB?

Traffic light sensors are my best friend and worstest enemy, depending on the circumstances. When they work they can save you a lot of time, but I keep stumbling upon intersections where the friggin' things don't work, particularly in Irvine. Sometimes by running back and forth over the little pad area it will work, but many times it doesn't work and it's one of the most frustrating things in the world to have the light cycling through while you're left sitting there like a chump.

More often than not after a cycle or two I will treat as a 4-way stop and go, 'cause I don't have the patience to sit around and wait for a car to roll up and help me out. What do you guys do to counteract this? Any tips or good anecdotes to share?

General Motorcycle Discussion / Back on the Chain Gang
« on: 01/07/15 06:12PM »
Hey everyone, wanted to ask for some advice...

I recently bought my first chain-driven motorcycle -- my other motorcycle (which was also my first) has a belt drive.  I was wondering how frequently you would recommend I clean/de-grease & re-lube it?  I did an internet search and people seem to be all over the place on this question.

I commute every day and take casual rides on weekends, so I put a decent amount of miles on it.

And then relatedly, roughly how many miles can I expect the chain to last before I need to replace it?

Thanks in advance for your advice, o wise OC Moto brethren!

Scooter ride GMR Tuesday the 23rd, high noon at Lone Hill Shell station:  1860 East Route 66, Glendora, CA 91740

I'll have the 946 shined up and ready. (but um, probably without accompaniment)

You know how at some movie theaters, they run a short before the movie that simulates you being on a crazy Great Space Coaster?  Whenever I see that I instinctively go into rider mode and practice looking through the curves to slow things down and keep from getting dizzy.

Am I the only nut who does that?

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Well, isn't this awesome?  So, to compound things, the officer lies (obstruction of justice??) about it and yet no one cares in the slightest. Maybe I'm the naive one here.

D.A. rejects charges against sheriff's deputy who killed cyclist

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy who was typing on a patrol car computer when he hit and killed a bicyclist in Calabasas last year will not be prosecuted, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said in a statement Thursday.

In declining to bring criminal charges against Deputy Andrew Francis Wood, prosecutors noted that a state law banning drivers from using wireless electronic devices while driving exempts police officers and other emergency professionals.

Wood, 38, was responding to another deputy's question on his patrol car's computer terminal after leaving a call about a fire at Calabasas High School when the collision occurred, killing Milton Olin Jr., a former Napster executive and noted entertainment attorney.

Olin, 65, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Wood initially said that Olin had swerved from the bicycle lane on Mullholland Highway into the path of his patrol car, the statement said.  But the district attorney's office concluded that “evidence examined in this investigation shows that this tragic collision occurred as a result of Deputy Wood crossing into the bicycle lane.”

To prove that Wood committed manslaughter, Deputy Dist. Atty. Rosa Alarcon wrote, prosecutors would have to prove that the collision was caused by the deputy's negligence.

The Dec. 8, 2013, crash occurred soon after a deputy assigned to Calabasas asked Wood in police code whether he had completed his work on the fire call, the memo said.

Alarcon wrote that “it is reasonable that Wood would have felt that an immediate response was necessary in order to prevent the Calabasas deputy from responding unnecessarily” to the fire call, which had been completed.

Prosecutors said Wood acted lawfully because he was acting within the course and scope of his duties when he was typing.

Attorney Bruce Broillet said the Olin’s family plans to move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit against the Sheriff's Department. “Once again we see the government protecting its own,” Broillet said in a statement.

Since the crash, the department has apologized to Olin’s family in a public statement and Wood has transferred from patrol to an assignment in the department's court services division.

Off Topic / Poker @ Commerce Saturday?
« on: 08/08/14 07:11PM »
I have an itch and I need to scratch it...

On Saturday I'm gonna buzz up to Commerce & play poker in the afternoon. That got me wondering how many of you are also poker players.

I'm coming from South County and will plan on getting to Commerce at around 2, and then I'll play for as long as I feel like it, which is usually 3-6 hours, sometimes a little more or less, depending. I play the $2/$5 No Limit tables, but if you haven't been there, they have a crazy spread of games there, you can play pretty much any limit or game you want.

Anyone else wanna hit it up?

General Motorcycle Discussion / Barack's Out, Cops Out
« on: 06/14/14 07:17AM »
I just got back from a morning coastal ride, and the PCH is crawling with all kinds of cops in preparation for Prez Obama's visit to Laguna Beach today. Saw some Secret Service types hanging out too.

I'm sure Anaheim will be the same. So, if you gonna ride today, keep the speed down.

Have you guys noticed that in the last couple of days they've been airing this lane splitting commercial?  I've only been in CA for a year (moved here from Seattle), so I don't know if this is a new thing or it's been done in the past. But, production values & artistic merit aside, it's nice to see commercials like this airing, as it can only help the cause.

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