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Racing Headquarters / F*** Julian Ryder
« on: 05/22/17 01:42PM »
Check out his "eulogy" for Nicky over at superbikeplanet...

Nicky was unfailingly polite and professional no matter what, he was to us Europeans a fine example of what we took to be the best expression of true American values, and believe me we need reminding of them right now.

He takes the opportunity to take a snipe at U.S. politics while talking about Nicky which could not be more disgusting.  Doesn't matter where you are politically, this should be offensive to you.  Let him know. 

RIP Nicky Hayden

During (and after) VR's stint at Ducati, he was slaughtered in the media for "trying to turn the Ducati into a Yamaha"

This just in from Lorenzo...

"Jorge Lorenzo has called on Ducati to adopt a more Yamaha-like philosophy when it comes to developing its MotoGP bike, with more focus on chassis improvements." (

"Lorenzo believes the Italian marque could learn from the approach of his former employer, which regularly introduces chassis updates, and that a “change of priorities” is needed to focus more on this area."

“Maybe now we need to... try new types of chassis to make turning easier and make the rider's life easier."

Where's everybody's pitchforks now?

CAPIROSSI on Ducati in 2007:
I have a lot of understeer and can't get the bike to run well

MELANDRI on Ducati in 2008 (interviewed later):
I had exactly the same (understeer) problems with the Ducati that Rossi had...but Ducati did not listen to my feedback. I asked for changes to be made to the bike... but Ducati merely replied that their bike had won a world title, and I would have to adapt my style.

STONER on Ducati in 2011 (his first year at Honda):
"For instance, we had many problems with the Ducati’s suspensions (sic), especially in this track. The drive would also close a lot on long corners, because there are many braking points and we suffered a bit. By contrast, these three days (with Honda) have been really fantastic. On Thursday I had a (front end) crash because I lost grip on the front wheel, but it was a one-time thing and it did not happen again (unlike the Ducati). It (Honda) is very different from the past (Ducati)."

ROSSI on Ducati in 2012:
"The bigger frustration, apart from the bad results and the bad feeling, is that more or less we have the same (understeer) problem with this bike after two years that we had in Valencia in 2010. And sometimes you have the feeling that you waste your time. This is the bigger frustration."

HAYDEN on Ducati in 2013:
“The turning is still the main area where we need to improve, but although we knew the beginning of the season was going to be tough, we have to stay focused and keep the course.”

DOVI on Ducati in 2013 (see also 2017 quote below):
The bike doesn’t turn. It wants to go straight. So I can't make higher speed in the middle of the corner because I can't keep the line.”

CRUTCHLOW on Ducati in 2014:
As was to be expected today, the Ducati bikes seem to be struggling with understeer, but we are trying hard to resolve the problem.

GIGI on Ducati in 2016:
“I think that our main problem is the turning of the bike in the middle of the corner. For sure we have to improve the chassis in that area, and we have some ideas. We tried to implement these ideas in the new bike and hopefully we’ll see if these ideas work.”

DOVI (again) on Ducati in 2017:
Dovizioso, though, emphasised that there was no one area Ducati has to focus on, saying instead it will have to conduct a thorough overhaul of the Desmosedici.  "We need to talk about the bike in 360 degrees," he said.  "There is no [single] bad aspect that we have to work on. It's a mix of many aspects that must work together.  "I don't want to call it a disaster, we must stay calm and work.  "But I'm the first to be disappointed and to know the limits of the bike."

Racing Headquarters / Cast the Rossi Movie
« on: 04/20/17 03:13PM »
Cast the Rossi Movie:

Rossi -
Burgess -
Brivio -
Uccio -
Furusawa -
Doohan -
Capirossi -
Biaggi -
Lorenzo -
Ryder/Moody -
Gibernau -
Melandri -
Hayden -
Earl Hayden -
Jarvis -
Stoner -
Suppo -
Domenicalli -
Preziosi -
Ezpeleta -

Racing Headquarters / Lorenzo 2017 Final Position
« on: 06/15/16 12:12PM »
Curious where everybody thinks JL will finish 2017 after his first year on the Ducati.

Post your prediction if you dare.

I'll go on record with somewhere between P6 and P8.

Hello, OCMoto peeps...

I'm throwing out a feeler to see if anyone on the boards is interested in a house for rent in Fullerton.  It should be available in the next month or two.  The house is located near the 91/5 interchange; specifically a couple blocks north of the 91 off Magnolia (cross-street Valencia Ave).

Appx. 900 sq ft.
2 bedroom
1 bath (two sinks)
Laundry hookup (access externally)
Large backyard (more like ugly desert)
Front yard (tiny and also desert-like) and driveway are gated off from the street
Mom n Pop owned convenience store across the street
No dishwasher
No central a/c
91/5/magnolia is 2-3 blocks from the house, super convenient freeway access

Unfortunately, there is no garage for moto parking, but there is covered parking right next to the house and everything is gated off from the street.  Honestly, I wouldn't even mind if you parked the bike inside (i'm a biker first, landlord second), but the house is raised and it would be pretty hard to pivot a bike into either the front or back door due to how the stairs are blah blah blah.  if you ride a scooter or a grom, you could probably get it inside ha.

There is one bathroom but it's really big (the sink countertop alone is 9 ft long) and has two sinks.  It's also a full bathroom in that it has a bathtub/shower, but who takes baths.

Anyways, i'm throwing this feeler out to OCMoto before I list it elsewhere. 

Rent varies depending on who carries the utilities (gas water electric trash) and whether the tenant wants the house furnished (dressers, fridge, washing machine, dining table + chairs, couch, sitting chair, coffee table, queen size bed).  The current tenant is renting the house furnished (using his own bed) and i'm covering the utilities, but that's just how he wanted to do it.

If you are interested, please PM for contact info and more specifics on the house/terms.


Racing Headquarters / Laguna Seca Changing Hands?
« on: 07/01/15 03:46PM »
I really don't know what to make of this, whether it's for yay! or for boo!.

I thot Laguna Seca was some kind of non-profit and had a totally different business structure than other circuits.

Anyway, sometimes reading Soup is like reading a really bitter High School girl's slam book, but they're usually on point with the rumors.

Numerous local news sites have reported that Laguna Seca Raceway is in discussions with International Speedway Corporation regarding ISC taking over management of the track.

International Speedway Corporation is based in Daytona Beach.

ISC's web site lists "Jim France" as its Chairman of the Board.


I'm an idiot (some of you already knew that).  I just bought a desktop computer.  that's not the idiot part.  i WAS thinking about upgrading my existing windows laptop but after doing the math i just went with a new DIY desktop. still not the idiot part.  Here comes the idiot part, in order to max the Newegg DIY bundle out at 32GB of RAM, i bought a 2nd set of 2x8GB sticks, but (drumroll) they were 204pin for a laptop.  Ugh... i think i had been staring at laptop RAM and SSDs for so long before deciding on the desktop, i just didn't realize it said NOTEBOOK RAM right there at the top of the screen. also in my defense, after 3 days of scrolling through newegg webpages spec'ing out a zillion different PC parts, 204 and 240 start to look a lot alike !

In any case, here is a link to the ram I bought...

They are G.SKILL Ripjaws 16GB (2 x 8G) 204-Pin (lol) DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3L 1600 (PC3L 12800) Laptop (again lol) Memory (Model F3-1600C11D-16GRSL).  Cas Latency - 11, 1.35V, Dual Channel Kit

If you want a big boost for your laptop, i think this is what you're looking for. I don't want to deal with return/exchange to Newegg or restocking fee, etc. etc.  I'd rather sell them for cash and then just buy another set of (correct) sticks.

They go for $229 normally but I got them on sale and will let them go for $120

These are brand new, unopened,  and have not even arrived from Newegg yet (delivery expected 6/24)

Off Topic / Leno's Garage - Latest Vid - BLUE SMOKE !
« on: 06/08/15 11:15AM »

as soon as he kicked it over and the thing screamed to life it was like instant timewarp... no laptops, no cel phones, no google...

i wish


Zombie Operating/Autopsy Table

Will securely support one (1) zombie for autopsy, dissection, or other procedures.

Used.  Zombie residue.  Frayed edges.

Pickup near 91/55




Miscellaneous / FREE - Zombie Containment Units - FREE
« on: 05/29/15 10:04AM »

Zombie Containment Units (good for storage or transport)
Constructed from steel with matching containment lid

1 Large - holds up to 1.5 zombies
1 Small - holds up to 1 zombie

Pickup near 91/55



Supposedly there is going to be a "world class" rider wild-carding the Sepang World Superbike races this year.

The rider is mysteriously not being named so that means it's time to play the "let's name the rider" game...

Considering that MotoGP is off the weekend of WSBK Sepang this year, that means both past/current GP riders and past WSBK riders are up for grabs...

Who could it be?


1. Haga (the samurai of slide)
2. Spies (i don't think he's been riding motorcycles, just bicycles)
3. Bayliss (prob not, said he was done after the previous wildcard)
4. Stoner (prob not, i don't think it's gonna be a honda wildcard)
5. Edwards (i think this is a high possibility)
6. Corser (2 time WSBK champion who had a team fall through at the last minute this year)
7. Hayden (testing the waters for a WSBK ride?  the first combined MotoGP/WSBK champion ever?)
8. Rossi (tickets sold-out in under 60 seconds, website crashes, riots in the streets)
9. Marquez (again, i don't think i'ts gonna be a honda rider)
10. ?

My guess is Edwards on a new R1, but I'm not up on WSBK rules for wild carding a bike (as opposed to a rider) for a single race?  Can Yamaha actually enter a new R1 with Edwards for a single race on the calendar?  Anyway, Edwards on a new R1 is my guess.


Check out this folding chair with AMAZING patina...

This is a total barn-find... I actually found this classic chair leaning up against the fence alongside my residence and I can attest that this is a TRUE Southern California folding chair and has spent its entire life in the dry Cali climate. 

I have decided not to disturb the 'as-is' nature of the chair by installing new rims or tires or blue LED under-carriage glow lights.  I think it would detract from the vintage nature of the chair.

Please note that this is a true classic/vintage folding chair and like all such chairs it has certain little quirks.  On this particular classic, the folding action is a little stiff, but it's nothing unreasonable and does not affect the functionality of the chair.  Also, the lowers rubbers will need replacing (see pic #3).  Regardless of these quirks, the chair definitely 'Runs and Drives' (i.e., you can open/close the chair and also sit on it). 

While this is not currently my daily driver, it easily could be.  There's absolutely no reason you couldn't use this chair every day of the week with ZERO problems.

As mentioned, I have no plans to restore the chair, but am willing to pass it onto a new "caretaker" for the right price.

The only suggestion I might make would be some clear-coat and air-ride and this chair will get $85K at auction all day long.

Single seater, manual operation, NO FACTORY A/C.

Special OC MOTO pricing : Firm and fair at $50,000.  Test drive with cash in hand only.


they hold approximately 1 gallon of fart or standard pump gas, your choice.

these are FREE!

please note that it would be cool instead of one guy grabbing all 4 cans and hoarding them, i'd rather the love gets spread out more... HOWEVER, if you have like a moto school or some moto program or you run like the world's biggest gas can internet forum, come grab all of them, i'm happy to donate all of like 50 bux worth of gas cans to the cause

please note these have been stored outside for the last few years, but they seem to be fine otherwise.  you can see one of the cans is faded, the others still look bright red.  also, one of the cans looks like it holds 2 gals.

as bruce campbell says, "come get some"

near 91/55

If you buy my SM58, you can practice karaoke in front of this video screen...

Da-Lite Picture King Rollup Video Screen for Projector or Overhead.

Was used in a church for overhead projection. Has been in storage since 2007.

Measures 6 ft. across/width.

Only flaw is shown in pic. There is a super short and very slight surface tear that is only visible when viewed up close. See pic.

Happy to answer any questions.

Please see pics...


Pics in CL ad here...

Miscellaneous / Wireless SM-58
« on: 05/06/15 12:43PM »
Not sure if anybody on a moto forum has use for one but here goes...

For Sale:  Shure SM-58 (Wireless)

Comes with (1) Mic, (1) Shure branded mic bag, and (1) black windscreen

What can I say, it's an SM-58.  Legendary workhorse, reputation precedes it, blah blah blah...

I'd say this one is a 9.9/10.  This mic saw very little use and has been in a bag in a box since '09 (EDIT: Possibly since '07).  Note that the battery is still charged!!! (see pics).



Miscellaneous / Free Pedestal Mailbox - White
« on: 05/04/15 11:12AM »

Pedestal Mailbox

Lock on back of mailbox is broken so if you want it to lock, it will need to be replaced.

Has some surface rust which everybody now calls "patina" and means the mailbox is probably worth about $60K for some reason.

But for YOU, it's FREE!!!


Located near 91/55


MotoGP champion Marc Marquez has surgery on hand injury
Saturday, April 25th 2015, 19:29 GMT

MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez has undergone surgery after injuring his left hand in a training crash on Saturday.  Marquez had an accident while riding on a dirt track and fractured his little finger.  He was operated on by regular MotoGP surgeon Dr Xavier Mir at Barcelona's Quiron Dexeus University hospital and had a titanium plate fitted.

The next MotoGP round is just a week away, as the European season starts with the Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez.

Dr Mir said: "The patient presented a deformity to the little finger of his left hand and a subsequent x-ray showed a fracture of the proximal phalanx, with displacement.  "Therefore, we decided to treat the injury - as we would in the case of any other patient - by fixing a titanium plate to his finger.  "This will allow us to initiate functional recovery after 24 hours and give him a chance of racing at Jerez."

Marquez is currently only fifth in the MotoGP standings following a collision with championship leader Valentino Rossi as they battled for the lead in the last round in Argentina.

It is the Honda rider's second dirt-bike training injury in as many years.  He broke his right leg in a crash on the eve of the 2014 season and missed much of winter testing, although he recovered in time for the opening grand prix in Qatar and went on to win the first 10 races of the year.

It remains unclear whether Honda's other full-time rider Dani Pedrosa will be fit for Jerez, as he continues to recover from radical surgery to attempt to cure a persistent arm pump problem.

Test rider Hiroshi Aoyama has been standing in for Pedrosa.

Off Topic / LIFEHACK !!
« on: 04/24/15 11:53AM »
guys... i recently stumbled upon a couple lifehacks that are simply invaluable, especially if you do any grocery shopping or visit home depot type stores with any regularity... here goes...

first, if you are continually assaulted by salespersons trying to get you buy solar panels or kitchen upgrades or mortgage refi's... simply tell them, "I'm not a homeowner."  kaboom!  they will leave you alone faster than you can blink.

second, if you are hounded by food/snack salespersons trying to get you to buy their goods and you just want them to go away... simply tell them, "I'm diabetic."  kaboom!  they instinctively apologize and move on...  even if they are trying to sell you steaks, just tell them you're diabetic... by the time they work things out, you'll be long gone.

i've used both of these at least 10 times in the last 2 weeks and it's been awesome, especially those solar panel sales-painintheasses at home depot

Miscellaneous / FREE Stuff - Cleaning House
« on: 04/21/15 01:31PM »
Will be updating this list as I find more stuff...

Everything in this post is FREE... condition for everything is dusty but working well nothing broken (except #3 power button below)...

1. gone

2. gone

3. 19" G.E. old school tube tv.  missing power button, but TV still works... comes w/remote (no battery door/cover), comes with small TV cart... FREE

4. Trendnet WIFI router... i believe it is A/B/G (pre-N)... has 2 antennas... FREE

Located near 91/55.

EDIT: Found TV Remote

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