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General Motorcycle Discussion / Glendora fire
« on: 10/17/17 09:20PM »
Any news on GMR? 1am driving to work this morning heard the coverage on the radio, Made for a bitchen sunrise on the coast.

We did it a couple years ago had five drivers at a spirited pace + great eats, any takers??

General Motorcycle Discussion / Transwold Slam Fest
« on: 08/31/17 10:55PM »
Tj and I will be on vendor row repping MOTOCUTZMX Were racing the Yzs in the "HELL ON WHEELS " vintage race Saturday.

Race and camp ready fully insulated including trailer brakes sink porta potty upper storage n much more call or text if interested 714-309-7110

Bikes For Sale / 2004 Yamaha Wr450 Arizona plated
« on: 06/10/17 07:35PM »
Recluse clutch lowering link 3 gallon desert tank tons more easy to switch title thru the mail, On CL for $2,500 BRO DEAL for OCM members Pm call or text 714-309-7110

Miscellaneous / Bike detailing
« on: 06/01/17 09:02PM »
Sport bikes $50 for a hot water wash n wax all plastic treated takes roughly an hour you can drop or hang out available most afternoons between 1 and 7pm satisfaction guaranteed call text or PM Todd 714-309-7110

Ima swing by.


Off Topic / Oddball places to visit in Vegas?
« on: 04/18/17 09:15PM »
The wife n I are taking a road trip in a couple weeks aren't interested in big hotels n gambling but rather seeing the offbeat side we are planning to visit the Coke factory and movie car museum among others, Any suggestions??

Mr Petes burgers went out of business so the group is looking for a new location in HB we been 10 years in the city and wish to stay any suggestions or possible leads for a location will help. THANX!

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