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Off Topic / Any auto AC tech out here... HELP INFO???
« on: 06/20/16 03:14PM »
Hey guys... My 2005 toyota sienna LE ..AC unit took a crap..... well problem is it turns  on and off....randomly....meaning... car running.. ac on and  cold air comes on for like 2-3 mins....then its hot air for next 15-20 mins....and repeats cycle.... AC on green indicator is solid...
checked it out... looks like compressor clucth  engages when cold and off when hot air..
when it does come on.... AC is cold air....

so far.. I swapped  AC compressor clutch relay with horn help...
bought new ac compressor cluthc help.
bought ac pro/ refill kit with gauge... hooked it up to low  port and refill it with when clutch on.... needle is on way down on low range of green......... and tested it out on road.........same result... no help..

so at this point I need help to find out what actually makes the compressor clutch come on...beside relay.... is there another sensor or something that turns it on and off as a safety feature of maybe low  refrigrant.
could a bad clutch compressor bearing effect these symptoms...


is it a big leak...refrigrant.
some safety device...
bad compressor cluthc bearing or coil
or bad compressor...
or maybe bad AC amplifier.....

I like if somebody knows this stuff before I drop down $700+ for full compressor job.
I was also thinking about putting in new compressor clutch unit with new coil....and just leave compressor on...and no need to refill or evap refrigrant....????

any help would be great....

Miscellaneous / delete
« on: 02/10/16 05:13PM »
All gone...sold

Miscellaneous / SOLD....
« on: 04/07/15 06:12PM »

General Motorcycle Discussion / No muff too tuff....
« on: 10/21/14 11:13PM »
I saw this youtube commercial on our own orange county muffler man.... I love this clip... definitely :51: going there next time.

Off Topic / looking at Volvo 240dl---good or bad???
« on: 09/27/12 06:30PM »
Hi guys...  So I am starting to look at used volvo 240dl and wondered if good or bad??  Anybody own one or used to own one, have any advice or experience... if so share any watch out or common problems to spot for...Also if you have one for sale in good running condition and good history....let me know...

Off Topic / Catalytic Converter stolen
« on: 08/12/12 03:05PM »

woke up to this when starting truck this morning... Seems theives target toyotas trucks #1 target. It was parked in my house driveway and a safe neighborhood at that. Hell, what do I have to do, park it in garage, which is already full.

How does one prevent it from happening again???

anybody had theirs stolen and how much to get new one...or links...

Hi guys... I could use help to get some cheap international air flight tickets.

Anybody here a travel agent or got connection to cheap air tickets... International flight... I used basic cheap air flight sites like kayak, cheap o air and other air flight ticket sites.... But cheapest I can come to is $1600-1700 /each adult, fees and all...
its round trip, multi city.  And that was Air France...

anybody know any tricks or deals...that can get it cheaper.... or suggestion..

I am looking flight dates.....flexible...
leave lax--------paris,,,CDG.... last week of may 28---june 1. 2012
leave paris,cdg--------BOM...mumbai, india.......leave paris around,,, june 14-20
leave BOM, mumbai, india--------Lax...........leave india...around August 13-17

Michelin Pilot Road 180/55 ZR17====$100 shipped... clearance..

Hi guys.... I just bought these michelin pilot road rear tires for my bandit.... 180/55/17 which are clearance sale at Motorcycle Superstore at $125 and now they are having 20% off all clearance items.... so total works out to about $100 and shipping$100 shipped to you is great deal..

only the 180/55/17 pilot road is on clearance sale,,, no other size...

These tires will probably satisfy people who commute or tour and need long lasting mileag tire... reviews did indicate they grip pretty good for being a sport touring tire... I will be trying these for first time..

The Michelin next up sport touring mileage tires are Pilot road 2 and 3 which are about 50% more cost... so this makes a good deal...

Their home page has info on this 20% deal off and the code too....code is ZAP20,,, sale expires 2/19/12
Type in code on final checout page. -----HOME page


1997-2004 Triumph speed triple frame sliders. It is brand new and never installed.  Price is $50 firm

these are selling for new at $101 +shipping from

Hi guys.. I thought I pass this along to save some $$$,,,its the cheapest price on motorcycle oil I have seen.

I just bought some Valvoline/1 qt. SAE 10-40w motorcycle oil at Autozone for $1.99/quart and also castrol brand same price. Also they mobil 1 full synethectic..but its the expensive one,,,normally $9.99/ down to $7.99

Basically sale is going on now, probably for 1 or 2 weeks... its basically take $2 off each quart oil

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