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FYI - There is now a Chrome Plug in that brings back the old Photobucket images.  photobucket-hotlink-fix


 :27: :29: :3:

The boys killed it in the industry team race getting third over all I bailed on the night time flat track race and instead took my boat out n caught a yellowfin tuna.

Win Win!  Congrats and Bon Appetit   :29:

Racing Headquarters / Surfercross 2017
« on: 08/10/17 04:51PM »
Looks like the HB crew was haulin the mail at the 2017 Surfercross!

Link to article

Fakebook Page

Miscellaneous / Re: Bike detailing
« on: 06/02/17 11:09AM »
I need to bring you my VFR!  (she's sporting some serious cobwebs these days....)  I'll give you a ring when I can.

Godspeed Kentucky Kid. 

Sucks...  and on a fricken bicycle....  :'(  Hoping for the best.


JB weld/duct tape and it will be fine


She was a little down on compression...   

Off Topic / Re: Oddball places to visit in Vegas?
« on: 04/19/17 10:37AM »

Atomic Testing Museum

Historic Punk Rock Venue
Double Down Saloon
"Known the world over as the Happiest Place On Earth, the Double Down Saloon has been bringing a much needed sophistication to Las Vegas since 1992. Interplanetary abstract. Urban decay. The anti-Vegas. Double Down is indeed a clubhouse for the lunatic fringe."

I need to get out there with you guys too!!  I have been slackin hard this year......   I have all the equipment, I just need to make the time   :-\

I have a buddy who loves these Forma Boots for Dual Sport:

Forma Boots at Revzilla

I run my MX boots if I am going off road.

Hey Todd!!  :30:

Nice man!   :42:

Looks like it was awesome.  The moto Gods have been prepin the dirt for us.  I need to get back out there!

he could race this guy:

Crash Stories / Re: New Year, new stories...
« on: 01/05/17 09:32AM »
Damn it.  Glad to hear you are OK!

I hate to see this stuff...  and so young. :'(  RIP.

Off Topic / Re: Did we just do that?
« on: 11/10/16 10:43AM »
Not a fan of either of the candidates, but thought this was pretty funny.....


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