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Gloves / Re: Del Rosario gloves
« on: 04/15/17 11:24AM »
I don't think this is true:

 *CE body will certify only after product has begun production and is in store shelves, we will provide updates as the process continues.

The price isn't THAT wonky. My dainese EVOs cost a bit less.

Off Topic / Re: Tire Installation
« on: 03/25/17 10:21AM »
+1 for chicken. He'll get your tires on in minutes and at a great price   

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Traffic rant
« on: 03/15/17 06:54AM »
Ya, I did this once or twice when I was newer to riding and new to lane splitting (on accident). Basically, my mirror would knock a car's side mirror. Hopefully no damage done, but I was severely embarassed when it happened and got the hell out of there. Chances are it was an honest mistake.

Part of the deal is how easy the transaction is. A great price with tons of headaches i.e. multiple trips to the DMV, stress, uncertainty, etc. does not constitute a good deal. Again, I would walk away. If the dude can't get a title right, I'd be wary of how well he maintained the vehicle.

I would walk away.

That;s really unfortunate for commuters.

Crash Stories / Rider Down 21 Jan 2017
« on: 01/23/17 04:00PM »
Strange story. Jumped on the 5N at Alicia Parkway at 10:20am and was met with a halt. Edged forward and finally saw what I knew it was, a bike was down. I went to help, and talked with the buddy of the downed rider, and he and another bystander helped upright the bike. Rider who went down was nowhere to be seen. Bystander was saying something like "he's in that car over there." Very strange. Either of you on the board? That was me on the red ducati.

Ya. It's frustrating as hell though, because you get happy to see a hit, only to see that it's BS. One guy asked me to "provide a bit more history about my bike" and I copy pasted from wikipedia. Never heard from him again, but it gave me a laugh.

Huge scam. In 2 months with my panigale listed, I was probably pinged 10+ times for VIN reports. They always follow this type of approach.

A clear indicater is that the subject line and text in the email are giveaways. Example:

Subject: 2012 Ducati Panigale 1199 S w/ABS

Body: Hi. I'm very interested in your 2012 Ducati Panigale 1199 S w/ABS. Does the engine burn oil?

Noone in their right mind would refer to it in the full text like that. Sometimes they are more slick and simply say "Ducati" but there is always some asinine first question that should be a clear indicater. Really, your FIRST question is if the transmission shifts smoothly or the engine burns oil?

The other obvious indicator is that they specify what site to get your VIN report from.

And finally, any real interested rider knows that most spills are fixed off the record, so VIN reports for bikes are less than useless.

I see they called it a "Suzuki" with you - same indicator. Hilarious that he is asking for a VIN report when you are telling him bike is down and salvage title, lol.

Off Topic / Re: So how about this weather?!
« on: 01/23/17 11:30AM »
Anyone get caught in the hail today?

Crash Stories / Re: New Year, new stories...
« on: 01/03/17 02:44PM »
Glad to hear it. The main thing is that you're ok. Keep us updated on the bike and fault outcome. May want to take a day or 2 off of work if you can and rest.

Crash Stories / Re: New Year, new stories...
« on: 01/03/17 01:44PM »
Yikes! Glad you are ok. Did the driver who caused the accident not stop?

It's hard to get people to show up for a $50 fridge on CL; I can't imagine the hassle you get with a 1199.
Ya, it's pretty unreal. I don't understand it, really. Window shopping, I guess.

Still for sale! Hoping someone from here grabs it because I'm tired of CL scammers and flakers.

Yea, seems like it's gotten worse.  It took me a while to find a serious buyer for my Daytona.  I just stopped responding to anything but serious inquiries.

I have received so many "vin report" scams it's unbelievable. Every time, they start off with intelligent questions, then hit me with the vin report request after 2-3 emails. Drives me nuts.

Still for sale! Hoping someone from here grabs it because I'm tired of CL scammers and flakers.

Thanks for the heads up. What should keep the F' The Police crowd appeased, is this sentence... "Education and enforcement will be targeted at drivers and motorcycle riders alike."  ;)

That's good for PR and all, but it really sounds to me like they are going to be setting up motorcycle check points to look for proper documentation more than anything.

Tales of the Road / Re: Cager Lane Shared with me
« on: 12/08/16 06:28PM »
Could be he was on texting on his phone the whole time and never even saw you  :20:
I got a pretty good look at him. He didn't appear to be distracted. Just looking forward, looking like he was mad at life.

A recent article on Revzilla, that fits this discussion.

Right or wrong doesn’t really matter in a motorcycle accident. Even if the accident is “their fault,” I’ve still made that decision to ride knowing something dangerous — even fatal — can happen. I don’t hang up my leathers, I just ride knowing that I need to work harder to get home safe.

One: It's not "us vs. them"
Two: Let it go, move on
Three: Whatever happens, it's my own fault

I've had that happen a couple of times.  People can be jerks.

Glad that you dealt with it so well.

Ride on,

Ya. What blows me away is they lose sight of the fact that it's a human life at stake, not simply "an asshole moto rider." The loss of sense of humanity is boggling.

Way to take the high road. That took restraint!
It did. A lot of it. But I thought about some stupid videos I've seen online where the rider gets run over when displaying his disapproval, and decided to make sure I get home to my wife.

I have had people i thought were playing trying to keep up with me by darting in and out of traffic while i lane split casually on my way suddenly get frustrated so i back off to let him through to have him pull into the gap when traffic slowed with me behind. Ok. Let's see how long he wants to look stupid. Eventually he had to move and i split right by him as casually as before shrug like was that really worth it? Have a nice day asshole. People are shits when they drive. I don't know how they do it.

Agreed. Had plenty of people try to block me. I just laugh at them. But again, my humanity comment applies - I like to think they are not out to kill, but somehow under the leathers and helmets (or even in our cages), the humanity is not rememebered.

Tales of the Road / Re: Cager Lane Shared with me
« on: 12/08/16 09:34AM »
Ya, I do know that. But it really boiled my blood because there was no reason for it. He didn't try to pass, and he let off once he got side by side with me. I think he was proving a point for whatever reason.

Tales of the Road / Re: Cager Lane Shared with me
« on: 12/07/16 04:15PM »
I'm amused that you were pantless  :30:   "I was fully geared up except for pants"    :17:   :42: :42: :42:   

Maybe he just wanted a closer look  ;D

Tales of the Road / Re: Cager Lane Shared with me
« on: 12/07/16 02:37PM »
I suggest not hugging the yellow lines quite so tightly when not actively splitting...

Ya, it's a bad habit I've picked up over the years.

Tales of the Road / Cager Lane Shared with me
« on: 12/07/16 01:06PM »
I remember reading something very similar not too long ago on here. I still get pissed off when I think of this.

About 3 weeks ago, on the 405 S, I was cruising about 80mph in the carpool lane. I was fully geared up except for pants, and doing nothing squid-like. I was splitting lanes earlier (only potential motivation I can think of) as traffic ebbed and flowed, but again, nothing that was overtly insulting to motorists. I'm easing back on the throttle as I notice traffic slightly slowing ahead. Checking my 6 and a car is approaching me. No cause for concern yet, so I continue to monitor. I'm hugging the double yellows as I usually do. Continue monitoring. Car is getting closer. To my absolute shock, the dude gets right beside me. Didn't force me over or anything, as he had enough space, but I couldn't believe what the hell this animal was doing. I looked over to give him the disapproval, and to my shock, he seemed to be alone in the carpool lane as well! Did I offend this guy somehow when I was splitting earlier? Who knows. I blipped the throttle and took my lane back, and he seemed to back off, but after a second or 2 of thought, I dropped a gear and moved about 10 cars ahead just to be safe. Seen too many videos of this sort of thing going extremely badly very quickly. Guy was Asian, in his 30s or 40s, in a silver Lexus (IS250, I think). Took some self control to not slow way down and mess with him, but luckily a cooler head prevailed.

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