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Tales of the Road / Re: Just bad on both parties
« on: 06/23/17 08:33AM »
The guy on the cruiser has done more for motorcycle awareness than an ad campaign. 

Not that it was what he intended to do...

Ride on,

That and how important it is to know how to ride. How he kept that bike upright was shocking to me. I was more impressed with that than, than shocked about what actually happened!  :32:

Same story, different source...

"Demand for Harley's motorcycles continues to be slow as its loyal baby boomer demographic ages and rivals such as the Indian brand bike maker Polaris Industries Inc (PII.N) and Japan's Honda Motor Co Ltd (7267.T) offer discounts."

This is basically what I've heard/read on a few different sites/sources. There was another article, but I can't remember the source, but essentially said HD executives are worried.

If HD is to survive as a company, they need to increase their buyer demographic, an instant way to do this is to buy an established company like Ducati. A company that world wide appeal with very marketable bikes, not just to an old fan base but to new buyers as well. I don't recall where I read/heard but ultimately HD cannot sustain itself based on their existing fan base, they need to have new buyers not the same old people trading in and replacing their bike for the next model, decade after decade. Their fan base is either dying out, getting too old or not able to afford one in their retirement age, add that to not replenishing their fan base with new blood, at least not in the numbers they once had, really has disaster written on it for HD.

This ultimately makes Ducati an appealing target for them, who knows what the impact will be. We all have fears it will be another Buell venture but what about those loyal Ducati fans? Will their loyalty wane knowing it's owned by HD? Will HD try and take some of Ducati's technology and incorporate that into newer HD models? Will their fan base even take kindly to that? How well did the Porche designed V-Rod bike sell? How well was that received?

Personally I hope this doesn't go through but business is business and sometimes companies get swallowed up and disappear and sometimes they are allowed to flourish and become a brand to themselves. Hoping it's the latter, regardless of who owns them.

Tales of the Road / Re: Just bad on both parties
« on: 06/22/17 02:07PM »
I read on FB that driver crossed the double yellow

Rider is hella lucky he's not dead and/or charged for causing the SUV to flip

It's a losing battle...loud horn, engine Rev, and disapproval nod is about as far as I will go
He needs to turn himself in or he will most likely get charged for a hit and run.

Tales of the Road / Re: Just bad on both parties
« on: 06/22/17 11:33AM »
The had this on KTLA this morning. So many things about this but have say that the motorcyclist did a great job of staying upright! Lucky MoFo! His actions though did escalate into an innocent driver to get hurt and wreck his vehicle, and should he have stopped. That to me is BS, whether his actions were right or wrong (I'm sure they'll be plenty of options about) he should have stopped, now he's a hit and run suspect.

Misc / Re: M-Gymkhana Event Camarillo Airport Sat 17th
« on: 06/15/17 03:48PM »
The timing of these events always seem to happen when I have other commitments that I cannot change.  :(  i.e. Family obligations.

Racing Headquarters / Re: Lorenzo 2017 Final Position
« on: 06/12/17 10:31AM »
JL now knows the bike is a dud

2 victories in 7 days.  Nice result for a dud  :17:
Yet, even Dovi will admit he was surprised with bot of his wins! ;)

In all seriousness, I think given the right circumstances, it can finish well, point being the last 2 races but I don't think they're quite there yet. Dovi continues to be somewhat passive aggressive with his remarks about the bike. JL is gaining confidence and his P2 position at the start of the Catalunya race and his P4 finish, is a sign that he's starting to get a little more familiar/comfortable on the Duc. Contrary to what I had said earlier about Dovi, he actually thew a wrench in the points standings on my guess on JL's position, as did Dani Pedrosa and of all riders, Johan Zarco! We are now 1/3 into the season and as most people will say, even the riders, it's still too early to tell and ANYTHING can happen in racing.

I'm selling a pair of Scorpion SG3 MKII gloves. These are only a couple months old and have only been worn maybe 5-6 times. They are essentially new, yet slightly broken in. These gloves have a couple of nice features, one being the Knox SPS sliders on the palm, the other is they can be used with your GPS/Smart phone (tip of index fingers only). This came in handy a couple of times when I needed to change my route on my phone map app. The one drawback that they have is the dual wrist strap tabs are a little short, making it difficult to overlap and secure the two straps against one another. I have been doing them as tight as I can without overlapping the the two straps with good results. The thicker you jacket sleeve, the easier my method is to use. Since they also have a wrist strap, securing this well should help secure them to your hand.

I'm asking $75.00.

I have provided a link to the product page on Revzilla for reference. Other than the dual closure issue, these have been getting good reviews.

Actual glove pics. (NOTE: For some reason my email notifications stopped working so if you PM me, please post here letting me you sent the PM. Thanks)

ahh nevermind...

not really feeling $400 in tires/chain/sprockets just to make this Sunday's ride

I'm out
Seriously! How do have a chain with a missing roller?!

So, I've heard rumors that ACH is closed just past the tunnel - does anyone know if this is true?

Oh - and here's the Facebook event for the ride:
According to the LADWP website, it does not show a closure, nor does the Caltrans website. Could change between now and then though.

That's a pretty nice route. Not sure I can make that date but will put in on the list just in case.

Off Topic / Re: 2017 MotoGP
« on: 05/22/17 11:49AM »
Zarco was the case example on why rookies should avoid even trying to lead.  :)
He was definitely fast, but in over his head.

Let's begin the pool on how long it takes JL99 to begin blaming tires, helmets, gloves, boots, the weather, the bike, the crew, and Dillon Grey for crappy finishes.

Vinales is the real deal. He demonstrated composure beyond his years in how he handled the race as a whole.
Still feel the same way about Zarco now after Le Mans? Dude took second in Q1 on one set of tires, then went on to take 3rd in Q2, then lead the race for some time and didn't let Vinales get away until much later in the race. I think he's the real deal and we'll see a lot more of him at the front during this season.

Off Topic / Re: 2017 MotoGP
« on: 05/22/17 11:45AM »
I don't speak whatever language, but it sure looked like there was something down on the surface right there...
Proven to be oil on the track which appeared to come from one of the 4 bikes in the first lap crash.

Yep, I was holding on to hope but alas, he didn't make it.  :(

Godspeed Nicky! R.I.P.

Situation looks unchanged. This was on the MotoGP website.

Updated at 12:00 CET, Sunday: Nicky Hayden’s condition remains extremely serious.

The American, who remains hospitalised in the Intensive Care unit in the Bufalini Hospital in Cesena, has suffered serious trauma with severe brain damage as a consequence.

The prognosis remains guarded.

MotoGP™ Legend and Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team rider Hayden was involved in a training accident whilst cycling in Italy. The American superstar was hit by a car whilst out cycling along the Rimini coast, where he has been spending some time following the recent Motul Italian Round of WorldSBK.

Emergency services were immediately called to the scene and Hayden was transported to local hospital. The 2006 Champion has since been moved to Cesena hospital.

More updates will come as soon as they are announced.

Both WSBK and MotoGP websites have not released any info on his death, so still crossing my fingers...

Saw this news earlier this morning but looking pretty serious for Nicky Hayden. Hoping he pulls through!

I did notice this on the HF web page.

Use on fully charged 12 volt wet lead-acid or AGM batteries only. Not for gel batteries.

Not sure if the Battery Tenders are any different but this would suggest that it is only a maintainer and not a charger.

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