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This also talks about securing the front wheel though.

One other option would be a hitch carrier as long as your vehicle has a tongue weight that can support it.  I use one for my minibike.

Maybe this is what you are looking for...

Yes, but it states that the mechanism lifts into place, which is what he was describing.

Giving this item a bump...

Sold. Thanks Alfasteve

In July 2016, a Tesla Model S in Norway rear-ended a motorcyclist while in Autopilot mode. The car failed to sense the vehicle ahead, and the driver failed to remain vigilant, despite Tesla’s warnings to do so while using Autopilot. The rider was seriously injured, but survived. 

From the article: "...all ACC (adaptive cruise control) systems studied were worse at spotting motorcycles straying three feet, 11 inches or more from the center line than they were at spotting cars."  As if distracted drivers weren't enough, now we have distracted drivers relying on sensors and computers to keep them safe causing a greater danger to us on two wheels!  >:(

Article here:
This is one reason to constantly check your 6 when riding. Have people become so lazy that they no longer want to drive on their own?

Understood! Just let me know, either way.  Thank you.
Steve, I should be getting the gloves back tomorrow. I'll PM you...

BD, I'm not that far from LB, I have the tools, garage and the means to lift the bike. I can help you get the shock replaced if you want.

Did you guys make it out there? I had mechanical stuff to do on Saturday and family obligations on Sunday, so this weekend was not one for riding. Looks like I'll have a similar weekend next weekend as I am helping someone with their bike as well as prepping for some track time on Saturday the 14th. So no dual sport riding for me for at least the next two weekends. From what my buddy tells me though, he won't be back until July...

I just started to watch some of her YouTube post too, just watched one this morning before I heard about this. I have never really been a fan of Ortega and the more and more reports of incidents like this, it gets even less.

R.I.P. Annette

Hello, would you take $55 shipped to me here in Glendale, CA?

Thank you,

Steve,  I loaned them to a friend, as he was considering buying them. Let me see if he is or not. I don’t believe he rode with them, he just wanted to try them on with his Leathers, due to the short gauntlet tabs.

Great pix glad all are safe Gawd I miss that place.....
Tell me about it. Last time I was there I was a twenty-something! That was some 25-30 years ago. I have to say, although she's a beast, the Tiger did well, even through the mud! Todd, before I give the bike back to my buddy, you'll have to detail it for me. Have to return it in better condition that I got it.

Had a fantastic time riding with you guys. Have fun in California City tonight and safe riding tomorrow. Got home and enjoying a cold one.
Awesome day today. Fantasjob on that 1200! Have to say I am really impressed on where you were able to take it today. Glad you got home safe and have a cold one for me!

Went to GMR today from the lookout near the lake road, didn't go up to the lake as the icy warning was out and it was dam cold up there.

Yeah the cold seemed to stop a few riders but the afternoon was full of beach goers. Took the Wife to Seal Beach after I resolved the high idle issue with my '09 VFR this morning. Don't know what I did but it works now! Spent yesterday dealing with steering head bearing replacement and fork oil change. This along with new tires and brake pads I installed last weekend, the bike feels really good!

Well, I clicked the 'Plan to attend' button. Let's hope that doesn't change! Haven't been to California City in literally several decades! I think the last time I was there, I went Skydiving. Prior, it was with the family and friends riding my ATC and driving our sand rail.

Tales of the Road / Re: Just bad on both parties
« on: 03/01/18 08:10PM »
What about the driver?  Seems like he would be just as guilty, if not worse.  He caused the massive pile-up to begin with.
This may be true but whether you’re a contributor or not you should not leave the scene of the incident. This is basically the issue he faces now.

My schedule can vary just as much.  I'll be in training next Wednesday, however I don't know what times yet.  I'll find that out tomorrow.  Now than likely it will be 8ish until noon, or non until afternoon.  I'll let you know tomorrow evening when I find out
Well we made it happen! When there's a will, there's a way. Although not the most epic of rides or twistiest of roads, still good to be on the bike today. A little cooler temperatures but sunny and clear! Thanks for meeting up.


General Motorcycle Discussion / One lucky dude!
« on: 02/27/18 08:25PM »
Anyone else seen this yet?! One lucky bastard!

Or find a friend who will be gone for 6 months and take his ADV bike!  :17:

Oh wait...the tiger has a tube in the rim??
The stock Tiger XR wheels are a 19” front and 17” rear, both cast wheels with tubeless tires. My friend wants to get it more dirt capable so he is having me update and replace bits on it. This was going to be a test of the new 21” front and 17” rear spoked wheels. Technically it’s his bike but mine while he’s on location. Since Rogue wants to explore more non paved roads, I figured I coul do double duty, get my friends bike setup and have fun with Rougue.

When I got home I immediately removed the wheel and changed the inner tube. The hole was exactly opposite of the valve stem and was on the inside (spoke side) of the tube. It was a very small hole but enough to leak all the air out over night and enough to leak out over a few minutes to make stopping a few times a must. New tube is in and looks to be holding air. One side affect of the 21” front tire, the traction control keeps kicking. Theory says that the front, which is possibly where the speed reading is coming from, rotates “slower” than the rear and makes it seem to the computer that the rear is going faster than the front, so it keeps turning on traction control. It’s easily defeatable but does require changing the setting after every time I turn the ignition off. One post my friend found, the rider said he just rode it hard and fast, even redlining the bike and it appeared to recalibrate. Not sure if that’s the best method of doing it but I imagine there’s a way to recalibrate it, possibly an ECU flash or reset procedure.

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