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Man crush on RDTodd!!! LOLOL
I did "NOT" have sex with that man....
LOL Yeah, but you sure made an impression upon him, enough so that us proletariats don't count!

Wasn't it not too long ago you were calling us flakes, yuppies, and fakes?  :26:

Breakdirt makes a good point about your concept only benefiting a minority so I doubt a motorcycle-only lane will get far.  Besides how will this lane work?  Will it be guarded by rails to keep other traffic out? 

You'd have much better luck trying to get more cars off the road by supporting bicycle lanes and other sensible public transportation options.  As for reducing risk and isolating yourself from cars, riding on trails or in the open desert is the cheapest way to get away from cagers, or of course, you can go the "yuppie" route and hit the track.  If trail/desert riding sounds do-able, I'd make every effort to support legislation to keep OHV and designated trail areas open for motorcycle/ATV use as there is plenty of efforts to close down these areas due to budget shortfalls and environmental efforts.     

TC, there is heavy pressure on the US Forest Service, BLM, and State Parks to close off MANY areas to OHV usage due to primarily budget shortfalls AND environmental reasons & political reasons like you said.  This is especially true in CA.  If it were up to the state government and their supporters, we would all be riding bicycles, taking electric trains, and driving ONLY Prius' and Teslas.  Motorcycles and dirtbikes would be shut out...too destructive and pollutes too much (noise and exhaust).  It's tough to convince many people otherwise because if you don't agree with them then you're an idiot destroyer of the environment!  Too many self-righteous folks chattering away and yet never listens to anyone but themselves.  Having said that, a quick search on videos of Glamis, Pismo Dunes, and many popular offroad destinations and you'll see there is plenty of evidence against us.  It's an uphill battle.

Kota, Breakdirt made really good points.  CA can't even maintain its existing roads properly, much less build a motorcycle-only lane.  If you hear or read about the backlash when CA passed the lane splitting law recently, you will see how so many other folks are against bikers.  So I think you're yelling in the middle of a hurricane and nobody will hear you.  If you want to improve the safety or bikers, the best way to do that is through education and training of drivers and riders alike.  And guess what?  That right there is a joke.  Remember your DMV mandated training?  Yeah.  Then there is the emphasis of enforcement primarily on speeding because that is what generates the most revenue for the state.  It's a corrupt system run by corrupt people pretending to do the public good.  We in CA are luckier than most in that most of our drivers know how to behave when motorcycles split lanes.  That's the only bright spot in riding in CA.  Well, the weather and the terrain too!
You do realize who you are responding to don't you? Anytime anyone mentions "training" or "learning" or "increasing their skills", he says that they are not a "real rider". Additionally, anytime anyone mentions improving "safety" or following the "rules of the road" and not riding like it's your own personal highway, again, he'll say they aren't a "real rider". As TC said, he calls everybody names and makes a claim as if he's the only "real rider" on the forum, well apart from his man crush RDTodd (no offense to Todd), essentially stating that all the rest of us are fakes! What I find funny, if he thinks we're all fakes, why even turn to us to support his cause?

Too large for my bikes. GLWS

What size is it?

I went exploring the Main Divide Truck Trail in the Cleveland National Forest.  This trail is off of Ortega Highway.  Got up at sunrise, rode across Ortega to Lake Elsinore, then on the way back I turned onto Main Divide.  It was a very nice, smoothly paved 2-lane road at first, and it was very twisty.  Then it became a single lane road and was VERY tight.  It was barely wide enough for one vehicle and I was really worried some big ass pick up truck would come around a blind corner.  Sure enough, as I was coming out of a dirt trail (well it looked like a trail but it could have been a mountain bike trail...) there was a big berm and I couldn't see very well and SNAP!  A pick up truck was coming!  Scary moment!  Luckily the pick up was going really slow and was just as nervous as I was!  No harm no foul.

Nicely paved and twisty but single lane.  Looks wider than it was.  The pavement eventually ends and becomes dirt/gravel.

It was really strange to be so near the OC and yet so far from civilization.  It was so quiet up there, I could hear the Blue Jays!  The Southern California Chaparral Ecosystem in all its glory.

I stopped at a couple of view points.

I saw this thing, which I don't know what it was.  But it had a nice view off to its side.

On the way back to the OC there were lots of sportbikes and adventure bikes out and about.  Some were really moving, others not as fast.  There was a CHP unit hanging out on the long straights.
If that is the road that you would turn right when going towards the Lookout, then that's the road I dumped the Duc in a sandy corner. The road went from "iffy" to "off road" pretty quickly. Your DR would have done a lot better than the Duc, that's for sure. The road ends up in Fallbrook if I remember correctly.

Racing Headquarters / Re: Brno MotoGP -Spoiler Alert!-
« on: 08/06/17 03:59PM »
At least Yamaha had their bikes ready, Ducati didn't have a dry setup ready for their riders from what the commentators were saying! Both Dovi and JL had to wait to come in. Honda and MM pulled off one big coup! Dani said that he did regret doing the last lap before he went in for the bike change.

The race I found more interesting was Moto2, Tom Luthi was struggling before race day but seemed to have found something today. If you haven't seen the race, definitely worth watching. Haven't seen the Moto3 race yet, so I might check that out later today.

Congrats! I test rode the new SS a while back and although a big update to the SS line, I just can't seem to part with my 22 year old SS.

On the way back to the OC, some stunter on a CBR with spikes on his helmet got mad at me for going with the flow of traffic at 65 mph and occupying the right side of the fast lane, because he wanted to lane split at around 75!  I didn't even see the dickhead coming until he zipped by me so fast ON MY LEFT SIDE.  Then he raised his hand in a "WTF" gesture at me.  I gave him the Rossi Salute.  So I'm supposed to have The Force and know that he was coming up behind me so that I should have moved over for him!  Other than that the ride back was uneventful.  Ít didn't even get hot yet at 11 am.
Um, it's called checking your six, you should get in the habit of doing it. You never know when you'll be in your work truck and back into someone's motorcycle!

Yes, that's my VFR! And yes, someone backed their work truck into it! Still very rideable and thankfully I had spare bits to restore some of the broken pieces.

Or is it not worth it?  I saw this one on revzilla that's cool looking
I have the Sound Bomb Mini on my VFR. I had to make my own mounting setup but it does fit behind the left side fairing. Used it a couple of times this morning to get the attention of drivers who were texting. Definitely got their attention!

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Personally I don't ever feel the need to get "even" with anyone on the road, particularly when I'm on a motorcycle. Nothing is gained from it.

There are two things that I agree with what R0ckrat said, when on a motorcycle you're ultimately the one responsible for your safety, nobody else is. How you conduct yourself plays a huge part in that. The other is, picking your battles. Taking on someone in a much larger vehicle when on a motorcycle usually means you're going to get the sharp end of the stick. Regardless of who is "right", what does it matter if you end up in the hospital, or worse, in the morgue!

I Assume that is parts and labor? Although your SF is slightly more compact and tight than my 95 900SS, it took me a good part of the day to service mine. That was valve check, oil/filter change, belt change and clutch/brake bleed. Mine is air cooled so a little less to deal with around the motor.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Wheels from ebay?
« on: 07/25/17 08:10PM »
Done it a few times. Mostly with 90-93 VFR rear wheels but also bought a couple of front wheels too. There's a salvage company in Anaheim on eBay that I bought a few things from. I'd have to look up their name by the seem to have some decent prices on good condition parts.

Cook's Corner had a BMW Demo Truck this weekend.  I enjoy going to the different brands' demo rides.  I wasn't particularly excited about the BMW demo ride, but I had buddies going early, I had time, so I went.  After a wonderful breakfast burrito, and horrible hazelnut coffee, I signed up to ride the R1200R, a bike I had never even heard of.  I had an hour and half to kill.  During the hour and a half, I sat on all the BMWs.  All the RTs, the GS (1200, 800, and 700.)  and the new cruiser they have...not sure what it's called, and also the new little 310. Wow.  What a freaking awesome little bike.  During that time, I actually grew extremely fond of the entire lineup.  The GS700 was fluffing awesome.  The little 310, the RT9s with their style and balance.  Suffice to say, I was impressed. 

The R1200R I guess is their #1 seller in Europe:

....and I can see why.  This bike was AMAZING.  I have ridden a friends' BMW, he had 2 different touring bikes, not sure the names, but a little older.  I wasn't very fond of either one because of the strange controls, but the new R1200R was perfect.  Butter.  Fine wine.  The chronic.   Power everywhere.  Boxer that just hums along. 

Hope this qualifies as a "What did you do today" type of post.  Now, how do I "find" $18k?  haha.
Maybe you can see why but we can't...your pictures aren't showing up!


Off Topic / Re: Insurance Scam...funny...
« on: 07/20/17 09:29PM »
I have front and rear facing cameras on my VFRs.

This was actually a common issue with the VFR800 mounts and GIVI made a slight revision to the mount by adding some lateral support brackets. When I get back home tonight, I'll see if I can find a picture of these support brackets and post it up.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Last Minute GMR Sunday ride
« on: 07/15/17 08:59PM »
What's that saying? Better to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow...

Deals and Vendors / Gear blow outs
« on: 07/07/17 09:15AM »
I've been getting a lot of emails from various online retailers, STG, Revzilla, Motorcycle Gear, etc. Looks like a lot of good deals out there. Just saw one for a Rev'It jacket (Model: Shield Jacket) for $139.00 (Through 7/9/17) and it appears to be multi-seasonal. If you're in need of a new jacket, this one looks like a good deal.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which is enforced by the FTC, makes it illegal for manufacturers or dealers to claim that your warranty is void or to deny coverage under your warranty simply because someone other than the dealer did the work.


Guess the dealer won't see the bikes again unless there's a warranty claim, or maybe for the valve inspections - still debating if I want to spend all day doing that on 2 bikes every 16k miles (to keep that warranty happy.)

Are ya going the introduce the twins to a "Traditional Palomar Sunday" this weekend?

That's the plan.  :7:
I figured there would have to be some sort of law or regulation on service, as that would really limit where you can take a vehicle to get serviced/repaired. I'm sure the stories that have been told were probably dealers and/or manufacturers trying to play hard ball. An ignorant public is easy to fool! See, reading the fine print can be productive.

Unfortunately even after they made lane splitting legal nothing at all has changed. It is at the discretion of the officer writing the ticket if he/she thought you were unsafe. Crossing the double yellows is a no no. Best to remember your rule never pass a leo on a motorcycle and go out of your way to follow the law no mater how stupid it is while in the presence of leo. 530 in the morning dude probably hadn't had is cup of coffee and donuts yet and not in the best of moods.
NO EXCUSE! Donut shops are often open at 4AM!  :32:

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