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Let us know which Scorpion lid you be rockin' - the R series usually have room for glasses, but I know the EXO 500 did not. You may be able to remove a little padding from the cheek pads where the bows pass through to make more room. Many have done it.

If ...

Now now thepretender, no need for being insulting. Keep it civil.

Rockrat, I'm not the perfect rider that you make yourself out to be.  I'm human with emotions and I'm subject to make mistakes when I'm under stress.  So please save it for the newbies!

I can't stand people who think they're so perfect that they feel they need to judge & lecture others.  Ride your own ride and I will ride mine.

I don't make myself out to be the perfect rider. But you said...
Well, the Mom driving the car could have easily just de-escalated the situation, and even more important was she had a young child in the car.  She had more of a responsibility to do so.
I hate it when people say "Well, the other person should have taken the high road."

I'm sorry you feel that I'm lecturing, and please, ride your own ride.

So, Rogue, when you are faced with a situation where somebody does something stupid in a car, and you are on your bike, what do you do?

It DOESN'T MATTER what the "mom with child" did to upset the rider. The rider is at a severe disadvantage, and it is up to the rider to keep themselves safe. You don't play chicken with a bulldozer when you are in a compact car, do you? So don't play chicken with any 4 wheeled vehicles when on a bike. Why? BECAUSE YOU WILL LOOSE EVERY TIME.

It's not about personal responsibility for "who should back down first" - I agree that it should not have happened, and yes the mother with a child "should" take the responsible action and back off rather than hurting someone. However, it's your life - ride like it means something to you, or someone will assume you don't want to keep living.

Sorry to hear about the Givi... I'm in the market for a new box as well.

Sunday on the way home from Clovis, the plastic mount plate for my el-cheapo box broke just away from the Chevron at the 33/41 (Reef Station) intersection. Had to leave the box behind. Key is in the lock if anyone wants it. Glad all my stuff was in a backpack in the box, but then had to ride home with a backpack.

Local shop near me swears by sprockets from Drive Systems USA in HB:,-118.0320134,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x817b7a8bc740608!8m2!3d33.7429518!4d-118.0248624

They said you can get a chain/sprocket combo pack from them with your choice of chain brands.Any of the big name chains will be fine.

Off Topic / Re: Book Club (Mystery books)
« on: 07/12/17 09:25AM »
If it was a SciFi book club... ;)

Orlando...NY is just a city with traffic and drinking/dining

At least in Orlando you have tourist attractions

"Just a city" he says... It all depends on what your interests are. Art? Theater? NY. Sun? Water? Theme parks? Orlando.

Letting one bad apple ruin your opinion of them all might be a little extreme, but I understand how it feels.

Trust me, my experience with a King County sheriff in Seattle was worse... Car impounded, several hours behind bars, major fine. Because I drifted a little on gravel strewn across a roadway while making a left turn, and he said I "fishtailed", and was EXTREMELY agitated during the stop while I sat quietly. Called me names, shouted, all kinds of behavior unbecoming an officer...

Admittedly, the car looked "boy racer" - lowered black BMW E30 M3... Nothing special other than being 1-1/2" lower than stock and stiff as a board.

CHP did actually touch on this.

Technically, the rules state that you must be within the lane, not on the lines. That's the way the code is written. The CHP officer at the event admitted that most of the time, if you are otherwise riding safely, he would ignore it (depending on traffic, width of lanes, etc. etc). But that is up to the individual discretion of the officer at the time. Technically speaking, riding on the lines is an infraction of the law.

Photobucket no longer allowing the display of images anywhere without monumental charges... :(

I went.

Paul Fox was there, Vinnie wasn't.

Paul likes handing out cell phone tickets.

1) Don't be the fastest vehicle, and you probably won't get cited.
2) Under "normal" circumstances, he hardly ever gives speeding tickets for under 80.
3) If pulled over, stay on the bike. If you get off the bike, he'll probably be drawing his tazer while you are at it.
4) If possible, pick a wide shoulder, or even an exit to a parking lot as long as you don't "appear" to be running. I.E. - slow down, signal, and ride smooth to a safe place to stop.
5) If you run, expect a road block. They are switching over to H-D, with roughly a 100 mph top speed, and just call ahead while following.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Smack mirrors?
« on: 07/03/17 07:37PM »
Chp are great but they are not there writing citations when cagers are texting while driving, which is almost all of them.  Nor do they care much bout drivers without passengers in the hov lane. They seem to go for the ez tix but don't do much to ensure safe driving habits.  This guy just stood out w his green kawi.

According to the CHP I was listening to, cell phone infractions are his favorite, and he hands them out nearly constantly.

I also forgot there was some shrimp fried rice from pickup stix in the top case...they got all over the inside as I bounced around off road. Gross.

Tossed Rice with Shrimp!

 :32: :32: :32: :32:

Tales of the Road / Re: Just bad on both parties
« on: 06/23/17 02:35PM »
I agree 100%. There's more video than we are being shown. As usual, we are being victimized by media bias.

The video was shot from the passenger seat of a following car using a cell phone. They stated that they started filming after the initial incident - i.e. this is all there is.

They also reported that they started filming because they saw the car change lanes into the space occupied by the rider, that there were words/handshaking and horns, which is why they started filming. Then the rider kicked the car.

#1 - let it fluffing go. To both of them. If you are at fault (merged without looking), admit it, then move on. If you are on a bike, just let it fluffing go unless you have a death wish.
#2 - the car swerved into the bike after the bike kicked him. The bike was already swerving away, so the contact was probably very minor. Still, excellent control in keeping it off the barrier. Agreed.
#3 - BUT... Leaving the scene of an accident that you had a part in was the height of stupidity. And now that rider is going to eventually be found, and his (probably already messed up life) is going to get much worse.

He's likely going to blame someone else (the driver of the car) for his problems, even though he had a VERY LARGE part in the outcome, because he couldn't control his temper. Same for the car driver. With the video evidence, he's screwed too. And he's going to blame the motorcycle because he also was unable to control his temper.

The pickup driver was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's allowed to blame both of those idiots. He was two lanes over from where the confrontation took place, and never saw it coming. Poor guy.

Edit - I really like the nanny software that fixes my spelling... ;)

Tj split for the Mammoth mountain moto at 3 this morning landed by noon and was snowboarding by 2pm...... Aaaaah to be young again!

Nice Van!

I have the "shorty" version of these, they held up well in my crash in January, and are still in use.


Miscellaneous / Re: Fly-racing display stand.
« on: 06/04/17 08:57PM »
I'm interested!

PM details of how/when to come look at it up close, as I have a few questions to ask at the same time.

Good ride, no accidents in the party, full report to follow. Processing video now. Not very good video, but video.

You don't have to be there by 7, osu is at 8....

Thinking lunch at Charlie Brown's farm in little rock.

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