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General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 06/18/18 09:40PM »
Thanx Jeff hope all is well with you and yours doing the wheels next then tear into the triple clamp n such.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 06/17/18 10:01PM »
Some bits ready for assembly

New Members / Re: Been a long time!!
« on: 05/31/18 08:41PM »
Welcome back!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 05/27/18 10:27PM »
Not much thicker than paint but way more durable

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 05/25/18 08:51PM »
Very cool!!  I may have something next week or so.  Trying to make some stuff for the bike :)
  Sounds good Vince  Id welcome some parts to practice on I have Semi gloss Matte and wrinkle black at this point if you want another color the powder runs around $25 a pound on Ebay

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 05/25/18 07:10PM »
$75 of oven off craigslist at the shop built myself a rag tag ventilation system for the time being.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Powder coating
« on: 05/24/18 10:14PM »
Im fooling around with it  for my own use doing field research if yall got small parts hit me up 🤙

I have a furnished bedroom with no bike parking no kitchen that rents for $600 a month, Get a shop build a build a bedroom and pyt $1,600 or so WELCOME to California!

Will try n make this, Much respect to our CHP officers!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: GMR???
« on: 04/12/18 09:59PM »
not this weekend but soon. hope to be out there soon with y'all
Yo Vince hope all is well you set the date Ill be there!

General Motorcycle Discussion / GMR???
« on: 04/11/18 11:12PM »
Been damn near a year and around a $1000 now my girl is proper again ready to chase yall thru the twisties   POST UP LETS RIDE!!

Worked in Apple Valley last night then Milfstone for a couple motos, Ran into Tjs best homie Trustin who has been racing with T since 9yrs old  we sent him a selfie to F with him while he was at work nursing a sore knee HAAAA

Bikes For Sale / Yamaha Xt250 $300
« on: 04/01/18 09:01PM »
 Missing carb and some bits, Kicks over gear box works good 50/50 tires great restore or parts bike $300 firm!

 Rds been sitting for at least 6 months with a brake issue so tore apart the rear master cylinder today and think I found the problem.

RIP, We ALL take a chance every time we swing a leg over........ Frkn hate that road!

Quality time with the boyz today

Met up with Breakdirt and his crew for a surf!

Ima blue collar chump so I can only ride weekends.  Name the track and day and Im in like always
What say Sunday April 8th? track to be determined by majority vote.

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