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Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 08/17/17 10:05PM »
Note: Aliso Beach in southern OC/Laguna Beach does not have good surfing waves
Doheny on a strong south swell, I surfed Seal Beach river jetty this morning.

Man crush on RDTodd!!! LOLOL
I did "NOT" have sex with that man....

Racing Headquarters / Re: Surfercross 2017
« on: 08/10/17 08:39PM »
Yuuuup Tj got the holeshot, Him n his partner ended up 8th in moto and 4th over all after surfing.

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 08/07/17 09:47PM »
ATTA BOOOOOOOY!!!!  Sorry bro shoulda called  this am I have a beach pass got off early this morning n surfed Bolsa river jetty good fun.... Tuned up the "Playa Cruiser" this afternoon!

The circus is in town and all the animals are out of their cages, This place has been ragin since last Monday when the womens contest started. Bars n restaurants are full and so is Beach boulevard I recommend you ride a legal bike when visiting cuz HBPD aint screwen around during this event, Their everywhere!

Popped the boats cherry crossed to Catalina caught 3 Yellowtail then hooked up with a friend and crew n buddie boated home.

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 07/30/17 07:26PM »
Atta Boooy, I learned to surf at at Crabs jetty in 1967 and still surf there this time of year + swing by n check it when coming in from fishing  lets go to Doheny or Oldmans/San Onofre  soon.

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 07/27/17 10:01PM »
Open the safe dust off your wallet n get a fresh one, Nothing better than a new board + soft tops are a blast for all  skill levels n last forever!

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 07/26/17 08:54AM »
I don't have one for sale but def recommend one of the Costco big foam type long boards for learning.  I've seen them on CL for about $60.  I forget the length but I've had newbies standing up with an hour or less usually.
This.... 8ft soft top is your best bet or I have a vehicle you can borrow, water is now in the 70s. Let me know when you want the surf lessons we spoke of.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: AM radio app
« on: 07/21/17 09:56PM »
KFI 640 Am Bill Handle every morning on my way in from work hes the man!

 Been busting my hump getting my boat ship shape IQZERO was kind enough to help me do a sea trial today all went well.

LOL at the gofundme page.  if you're doing that stuff make sure your life ins. is paid up. or how about don't be a ahole and block the road?  too bad it won't be a good lesson to the rest of the groups that do that stupid stuff
Someone had to say it n yer dead on Vince, NO pity here!

Race and camp ready fully insulated including trailer brakes sink porta potty upper storage n much more call or text if interested 714-309-7110

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Last Minute GMR Sunday ride
« on: 07/15/17 07:36PM »
The group that went up on scooters would be to differ with you.
Cant find pics but I believe it was 7 of us we had a frkn blast on scoots... different strokes for different folks!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Smack mirrors?
« on: 07/06/17 08:59PM »
ask Zach Buob what happens when you start a fight with a car driver.
Its hard not to get pissed either driving or riding these days road rage is real I had my scraps over the years but now take a deep breath n realize its the wild west out there if you want to survive best keep to yourself!

Off Topic / Re: HB fire pit for 4th of July
« on: 07/04/17 09:19PM »
Grand marshall KFI's Tim Conway Jr and crew at the start of the parade, "DING DONGGGGGG"!

Congrats Guys Tyler you are a VERY lucky man to have a wife that shares the passion... Hi Em hope all is well enjoy the new rides!!

 Surprised it took this long, Always tripped on that landing strip "especially" when flying in its an accident waiting to happen!

Bd is dead on NEVER spend more than a grand on something under 2003 don't sweat titles n green stickers as theres only a handful of places you need them anymore its mostly tracks n desert these days in California unless your on a plated dualsport (Just sold mine for 2K) Run dont walk from the shiny 2000 Yz its a polished turd..... Tweaker my guess.

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