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Tales of the Road / Re: Just bad on both parties
« on: 06/23/17 07:52PM »
The guy on the cruiser has done more for motorcycle awareness than an ad campaign. 

Not that it was what he intended to do...

Ride on,

That and how important it is to know how to ride. How he kept that bike upright was shocking to me. I was more impressed with that than, than shocked about what actually happened!  :32:
Skillz aside hes a CHUMP for not stopping personally I couldn't live with myself knowing I ran from something like that especially with cameras everywhere, SoCal250 is right people are getting dumber while technology gets smarter, 99.9 percent of the time the driver doesn't see the rider for whatever reason what good comes from kicking a distracted drivers door at speed ?? We are surrounded by idiots!

Tales of the Road / Re: Just bad on both parties
« on: 06/22/17 09:26PM »
No win situation feel bad for the peeps in the white rig but "F" the other two.... Stupid is as Stupid does!

BAD ASS event I'm going as always not sure what day or time yet.

Off Topic / Re: HB fire pit for 4th of July
« on: 06/21/17 11:52AM »
wide open during the week.

Tj split for the Mammoth mountain moto at 3 this morning landed by noon and was snowboarding by 2pm...... Aaaaah to be young again!

Off Topic / Re: HB fire pit for 4th of July
« on: 06/20/17 07:01PM »
How early in the AM I gotta be there to get a fire pit on the beach? 4-5am to be in line to park in beach lot?

And prep tips?

Just bring a big umbrella, camp chair, cooler with ice/drinks, beach towel, bfast/lunch/dinner (sandwiches/chips/hot dogs/burgers/s'mores), cell phone power bank, camping pillow, volley ball, frisbee, fire wood, bicycle and...?
There will be a line forming around 4am at any state beach you choose sounds like you have the yuppie essentials Tj I my bro Rob n his son  are heading to their property In Baja, We been staying there on the 4th since the kids were small to escape the circus that comes to town every year now the wives don't care to go and our older daughters are moving out and entering the professional world .... MAN TRIP!!!! 

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2004 Yamaha Wr450 Arizona plated
« on: 06/15/17 05:28PM »
SOLD.....Culling the herd🏁

Off Topic / Re: Buying land in California city
« on: 06/10/17 07:36PM »

who said anything about living there??

I had heard that land values are going up now that recreational marijuana got the green light to grow out there. I would be happy if a $3,500 plot of land turned into a $25,000 plot of land in a few years...

From what I've read, they can only grow it in certain industrial zoned areas. Companies already bought them for $100k/pop. I don't want those. But I imagine the amount of marijuana growing there will bring $$, jobs, and inflation to the area. It's just like saying, once they keep renovating downtown, my dumpy little duplex 3 blocks outside of downtown goes up in value  :29:

Already maxing out 401k, backdoor Roth IRA, HSA, company stock %-contribution, and once I got my 3rd property I maxed out my borrowing limit to invest in rentals. They are all slow, steady investments for the long run...was hoping to diversify a little more and make money a little quicker?!
Buy the property Ill grow the weed and distribute it I know a guy....!

Bikes For Sale / 2004 Yamaha Wr450 Arizona plated
« on: 06/10/17 07:35PM »
Recluse clutch lowering link 3 gallon desert tank tons more easy to switch title thru the mail, On CL for $2,500 BRO DEAL for OCM members Pm call or text 714-309-7110

Off Topic / Re: Buying land in California city
« on: 06/10/17 07:09PM »
IM IN!!!!!!!!!!

Miscellaneous / Re: Bike detailing
« on: 06/08/17 08:47PM »
how much is 7 to 10 satisfaction?

You are misunderstanding Todd's post. He is available most afternoons from 1pm-7pm.  Todd's work is top notch for he takes pride in his work hence him saying "Satisfaction Guaranteed". More importantly, the caliber of his detailing equipment screams professionalism at a level that is bacteria free sanitary clean.
Your too kind Andy Thanx brother, Took care of another OCM member that shot down here from LA today...... Great to meet you Kenny!

Summer is here out come the knuckleheads its going to get worse lots of noobs  n squids around town on the weekends lately, Minus the occasional "dirt" day rides n vintage motos my bikes are parked its safer in the ocean on a leaky boat. 

Miscellaneous / Re: Bike detailing
« on: 06/03/17 06:08PM »
just got back from Todd
I kinda forgot my bike can look this good!
Pleasure was all mine good to finally meet you sir!

Miscellaneous / Bike detailing
« on: 06/01/17 09:02PM »
Sport bikes $50 for a hot water wash n wax all plastic treated takes roughly an hour you can drop or hang out available most afternoons between 1 and 7pm satisfaction guaranteed call text or PM Todd 714-309-7110

Might camp Friday night all the crustys come out for this one gonna be a reeeeel hoot!

Breaks a busy dude but experiences being stranded teach MAINTENANCE is the key!

VFR looks badass Tyler, Thanks guys It was such a good deal even the wife was on board my first mate Jeff n I put it thru the paces yesterday its got a few kinks but nothing that cant be fixed I started polishing today its going to glow when done!

Upgraded my fishing equipment!

I don't have proper scooter for such a ride but I'm with you in spirit your a GOOD DUDE Steven congrats on making it riding 4 years in the urban jungle and scoring the new job.

Steal the 300 from Niki? LOL!
You boys are a couple leagues above me, Ride hard BE SAFE!

I don't have proper scooter for such a ride but I'm with you in spirit your a GOOD DUDE Steven congrats on making it riding 4 years in the urban jungle and scoring the new job.

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