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Miscellaneous / Cutting torch/brazing/welding setup
« on: 01/27/15 11:08AM »
Cutting torch set up. Tanks and cart are older but work. Box with new hoses gauges and cutting tips is new. Tanks have some gas inside but unknown amount. Not separating the new box and tanks. Willing to sell the older cutting tips individually. $250 takes it all home. Located in la habra. Local pick up only. Open to offers but I know what it's worth so please don't lowball. Only trades I'm open to are a pit bike or ammo. 556, 22, or 9mm.  More pictures available just ask.

If it's the same as a 2006 I have one chillin in my garage. Stock header and smog box. Only slip on I have is the Jardine gp1. Stock slip on is currently on my bike. I'm home tomorrow if you want to swing by and look at it. Located in la habra. Feel free to pm me on here.

Miscellaneous / Car trailer rental?
« on: 01/23/15 12:20PM »
I'm looking to rent a car trailer to transport my demo derby car to the track. I'm looking for options other than uhaul. Car is super light weight since it's just a shell motor and cage. Feb 15th is the only for sure day but I'm hoping to make the other races later in the year. Thanks for reading.

Parts For Sale / Re: Need rear tire
« on: 01/09/15 01:50PM »
By the train museum on Euclid. Heart of the ghetto.

Parts For Sale / Re: Need rear tire
« on: 01/09/15 11:59AM »
I have two used tires in my garage that he can pick from. I keep them for a spare but I don't need two. 714 345 04two7

Miscellaneous / Re: LED light bars 50 inch and 44 inch
« on: 01/03/15 09:21PM »
50 is sold. 44 still available.

Miscellaneous / Re: LED light bars 50 inch and 44 inch
« on: 01/03/15 08:39PM »
Sale pending on the 50 inch bar.

Miscellaneous / Re: LED light bars 50 inch and 44 inch
« on: 01/03/15 08:08PM »
They are the same. I can't make it to the garage to take pictures but they are identical to the ones on that site. The feet may have a slightly different mount to the light but are the same shape.

Miscellaneous / LED light bars 50 inch and 44 inch
« on: 01/03/15 06:50PM »
Two LED light bars for sale. New in box but opened to test lights. Never mounted or installed. $175 for the 50 and $125 for the 44. I'm stuck on crutches so you will need to pick up from la habra. All mounting hardware included and can test so you can see light before you buy. Best to text 714 345 04two7 and ask for Travis. Thanks for looking.

4 seats together for night one are left. $150 a ticket. Located in La Habra. Might be willing to trade for pit bike or scooter. May be able to add cash for the right deal.

One pair for night one sold and night two pair sold. Remaining tickets are $175 each.

Sale pending on 4 together.

Price update. $200 a ticket for the pairs and $225 a ticket for the 4 seats together. No doubt now playing instead of U2 on night 2.

How many do you have?

Miscellaneous / Kroq almost acoustic Christmas tickets
« on: 12/02/14 03:09PM »
I have two sets of 2 tickets and one set of 4 tickets for night one and one set of 2 tickets for night 2. All hard copy tickets with ticketmaster paperwork. PM here or text 714 345 04two7. Listed for $225 a ticket for the sets of two and $250 a ticket for the four together. I will not sell singles or break up the 4 together. Located in la Habra and available any day after 4.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: 2014 Halloween Costume Ride
« on: 10/26/14 12:20AM »
Are we doing this?

I stopped by a few hours ago. Glad to see it was busy.

Miscellaneous / Re: 1997 toyota camry for sale.
« on: 07/29/14 03:58PM »
The car is sold. Sorry. My wife sold it in about 45 minutes. First guy here brought cash. If the mods could remove this ad that would be awesome.

Miscellaneous / Re: 1997 toyota camry for sale.
« on: 07/29/14 10:08AM »
They really are bulletproof. Keep the oil fresh and check the alignment every once in a while and they just keep going.

Miscellaneous / 1997 toyota camry for sale.
« on: 07/29/14 08:35AM »
It's finally time to upgrade my wife's car. I personally live this car and am sad to see it go but we are looking at small SUVs since kids are in our near future. It's a 1997 toyota camry le. We are asking $2450. All the info is in the CL ad but if you have any questions feel free to message me here.

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