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"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Ride To GMR - Sunday 10/22
« Last post by Rogue on Today at 09:10 AM »
We are planning to ride to GMR this Sunday, October 22nd.  The route will include parts of Shoemaker Canyon Road to Crystal Lake.  Early Lunch afterwards.  We want to be back to the OC before 1:30PM so we are getting started EARLY.

KSU is 7:30AM at the Donut Man here:
Load up on sugar and carbs then ride!

This means leaving south OC at 6:30 AM, to make it to the Donut Man by 7:00AM!  Yes it's early.  But Sunday is supposed to be a hot day with clear skies from sunrise to sundown!  Plus this leaves you with plenty of time afterwards to spend with your honey, family, or take an afternoon nap, and still have time to wash and polish your bike after the ride.  LOL!  We like to plan ahead.

Chime in if you want to join and meet up in South OC before riding to the Donut Man.  Or just meet us there at 7:30AM.  Wake up OCMOTO!  Let's ride!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Comfortable bike for a track day?
« Last post by OOTV on Today at 07:01 AM »
Although a little over weight compared to the 600 and even most modern 1000 bikes, I find my 01 VFR to be a great and comfortable track bike. Iíve been to Chuckwalla, Fontana, Laguna Seca and Sears Point on it and have had no issues. Even got a compliment from a rider on an R1 who thought me and my friend, who also had an 01 VFR, were making it look like we had ďrealĒ track bikes!

You will get passed by just about every liter bike out there with a competent rider aboard, even some 600 class bikes with the same onboard but honing the craft is what a track day is for me, not to be ďfirstĒ, thatís for racing and if that were the case then the VFR would be out classed a bit.

Iíve trimmed some weight off of mine with replacing the stock 01 headers with lighter 98-99 headers, removed the passenger pegs, replaced the stock exhaust can with a Two Brothers carbon fiber can and replaced the stock battery with a lighter lithium unit. I donít know the exact amount trimmed but it feels good on the track. I will say that the stock suspension might be a little less than desired for the track, I had my front end rebuilt to suit my weight and for track riding, even added rebound adjusters. The rear was replaced with a Penske shock, which was also rebuilt to suit weight and ridng type.
I'll third the '99 VFR as a great track bike.  Comfortable enough to ride to Willow Springs, do a track day, then ride home.

Ride on,

See if you can put some street triple bars on it and aftermarket seat. Adjustable rear sets may help with foot peg lowering for long rides. The Street Triple lack wind protection for touring.
My 99 VFR800 has thousands in suspension, lighter wheels and steering head modifications and a quick shifter, so I can't wait to try it on the track. With just the suspension dialed in it is a great all around bike even for a track day now and then.
But i love those Daytonas and if i had yours i would mod it.
My 2nd gen FZ1 is also a great all arounder. Also heavily modded.
"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride Around Malibu - Sunday, 10/15
« Last post by VFRCapt.Bob on Today at 12:00 AM »
That 650 did really well. I got my nuts smashed on a down hill section. Went over a sink hole type depression while braking. Supermotos on the tight roads of Malibu have always been a great option.
 I always enjoy photos and video.
Here is one of Mickey Rourke at Neptune's Net. Ran into him as we were getting ready to leave. He was looking a little ruff so I didn't ask for an autograph.
Busted out the smoker today shes filthy from sitting new carbs and other upgrades coming looking forward to ripping GMR soon!
It was a cool event, but maybe next year they could HAVE SOME FREAKING CHAIRS!!!
Gear For Sale / Re: biker jacket
« Last post by thtanner on 10/18/17 02:27PM »
CBRunyan, this is a spam post
General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Glendora fire
« Last post by breakdirt916 on 10/18/17 12:56PM »
That's crazy!
General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Glendora fire
« Last post by Rogue on 10/18/17 12:54PM »
Let's hope it doesn't spread.  It's not looking good with another weekend of very dry, and hot weather coming our way.
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