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Bikes For Sale / sold
« on: 04/30/18 03:12PM »
sold, thanks!

So I read this article today about BeIn getting the contract to televise MotoGP this year.  Is it just me, or is that the end of good coverage for MotoGP.  I haven't watched WSBK since Spies left, so I have no idea how that network even works.  Any thoughts?

Racing Headquarters / Rossi will be happy...
« on: 05/01/14 10:33AM »
Bridgestone out of MotoGP after 2015:

Seems Rossi is always unhappy w/ the 'stones, so I'm sure he'll be rooting for Michelin to take the handle... Hayden will probably want Dunlop to step.  It will be interesting to say the least!

Gear For Sale / Sold
« on: 03/18/12 02:17PM »
With the recent sale of my Ducati and soon to be sold Ninja, my sport stuff has to go.  These leathers are a few years old but are in great shape.  Never crashed, never worn in the rain.  Used for a few track days and weekend rides.  Some dead bugs, but otherwise in great shape.  They are size 46.  I'm 5-11 and weighed about 180 to 190 when I was wearing them.  I put the original knee pucks on them and only the left one has seen the ground.  $100.  Located in Mission Viejo. 

E-mail for more info:
(replace "underscore" with _).

Thanks for looking. 

Bikes For Sale / sold
« on: 02/26/12 12:45PM »
Time to sell my baby and move on!
2001 Ducati Monster 900Sie (fuel injected). 14470 miles.

The good:
New rear tire, 80% on front
Ducati Performance / Remus carbon fiber pipes
Aftermarket, adjustable rear-sets
Tail chop
Braided steel lines
Rizoma vented clutch cover
Dry clutch (a dying breed on Ducatis)
Ducati Performance pressure plate w/ heavy duty springs
Cycle-cat billet aluminum side-stand
Billet aluminum side-view mirror
Wired for battery tender
New battery as of 8/11
New belts at 12k miles. Valves were in spec.
Clip-on handle bars (I no longer have the stock bars)
Carbon-fiber front fender

The bad:
There is a slight dent in the tank but not enough to crack the paint - hardly noticeable enough to want to fix (it's in the photo, but you can't see it).

The ugly:
I have the stock rear-sets (that include passenger pegs) as well as the portion of the tail you could have welded back on if you really wanted.
I have the stock front "fly screen" that I took off a loooooong time ago.

No test rides without full cash amount in my hand. I'll talk trades on any of the following: Honda VFR, Yamaha FJR, or Triumph Sprint ST/GT.
Respond to this ad w/ any questions or to arrange a showing.


E-mail me at  (where "underscore" is this:  _)

My '91 ZX-7 has a stripped spark-plug hole that needs to be re-threaded.  Does anyone know of a shop that can Heli-coil or Time-cert it without having to take the head off?  I would have to drop the whole motor to get the head off and I'd like to avoid that.  I know that Metric-Method doesn't do it so I was hoping someone here would know a place that could do this.
Thanks for any help!

While out washing my truck on Saturday I saw a gal pull up to my neighbor's house on a new Harley of some kind.  She timidly backed it up to the curb, took off her flannel shirt and beanie helmet and went to visit my neighbors and show them her new Harley.  While they were out there my neighbor waved me over and asked me to show the lady how to lift a motorcycle by one's self after the bike's been dropped.  Seems she had just bought the bike an hour ago from the Harley place in Lake Forest and dropped it once in the parking lot and then again at the gas station before coming down our street (yup - twice in an hour).  I chuckled, showed her (I'm a certified instructor) and walked away biting my tongue.  She only stalled twice as she was leaving.

(I have no problem w/ new riders... I have a problem w/ new rider's not wearing safety gear or having proper training before buying large motorcycles that are clearly larger than they can handle... her's was not a Sportster 883 as would have been good for her - I don't know my Harley's but she did say she paid 14k for it.)

I was off-board for a while.  In the last year or so I finally picked up one of the "bikes I always wanted":

It was a mess when I got it.  Various electrical issues, f-ed up paint, crappy lights and signals and enough "carbon fiber" tape to choke a hippo!

It's a 91 ZX-7.  Still needs some stuff, but it's coming along.   I've since added some nice green "Kawasaki" and "ZX-7" decals... small and understated.

Not sure why the other topic was locked.  Police can use speed detection devices at night.  Police can also hide behind billboards, bushes, fat ladies or whatever.  It's not "entrapment".

The definintion of entrapment:  the luring by a law-enforcement agent of a person into committing a crime.

An example of entrapment would be, if a cop tells you it's okay to make an illegal u-turn and then pulls you over and cites you for it.  Hiding in a bush is not luring anyone to do anything.  It's simply him being sneaky.  Your kid isn't going to pick his nose when you are looking, but if you watch from around the corner he will and you didn't make him do it.

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