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I've had this for several years, and it's the best stand for trackday use, as well as general motorcycle maintenance and storage (wheels off the ground/no flat spots).

It's in perfect shape, has the optional wheel casters for ease of movement, and is a one-person operation!

Adapter plates are sold separately for most bikes, but mine was for a 2004-2006 Kawasaki ZX-10R.

I purchased this combo from RevZilla, when the prices were higher, but I'm not trying to make a profit.

Feel free to PM me offers, as it's just collecting dust as my Ninja was sold some time ago...

$400 for stand; $50 for 10R Ninja adapter plate

Thanks for the interest in the interim!

Bikes For Sale / SOLD: 2005 ZX-10R Ninja
« on: 06/03/17 02:13PM »
The good old 1st generation 10R which redefined true liter bike capabilities in a 600cc frame size...

Was my daily commuter for quite some time, and then eventually relegated to weekend canyon carver and occasional trackday bike. Miles at approx 49k (accurate with use of SpeedoHealer speedometer conversion tool).

Adult owned and cared for; never involved in any accident. Only several brain-fart driveway embarrassments.

Several key upgrades to improve the few complaints the bike had: poor brakes (remedied by a Brembo radial master cylinder) and twitchy throttle (tamed by full engine ECU tune and dyno run by Bazzaz with Bazzaz Z-Fi control unit install and full Yoshimura TRS stainless system-approx 140 RWHP).

Currently has new rear tire, approx 90% front; Dunlop Q3 set in 120/70 and 190/55 (up from 190/50).
BMC air filter
Galfer braided brake lines front/rear
Full system Yoshimura stainless exhaust (stock components included)
Brembo RCS19 radial master cylinder front brake with matching Brembo clutch lever (Stock components included)

Maintenance upkeep obsessively (oil changes, valve adjustments, etc); records to show (with Owner's manual and factory Service Manual); no leaking valve cover. Clean title, reg is PNO, as it sits on a Battery Tender.

Miscellaneous / Kendon 2-bike trailer -- SOLD--
« on: 06/18/15 04:03AM »
Get those sexy bikes to and from your track days in style with a dedicated motorcycle trailer!  With low deck height making loading/unloading a breeze, this trailer has front chocks for both bikes.  Full-size tires make this an easy tow.  Built-in tie down locations.  Folds and can be stored vertically..

$1500 firm.  Not looking for trades at the moment, thanks.  In great shape, just a little dusty from storage.  Feel free to PM any request for additional info.  Thanks for the interest.

I've had these sitting in my stash of gear, unused, for over a couple of years.  When I bought a Craigslister's Vertigo Corsa's, he persuaded me to buy this and several other pairs as well for a little more money.  They appear to be extremely lightly used as he seemed to be more of the... ahem..  T-shirt, jeans and sneakers kind of rider.  I wear a size 43 in SIDI, so these are just too big and interfere with foot controls.  If I recall correctly, these are the ol' SIDI Vertebra boots. 

Rather than letting these go unused, I'd like to sell these ($50) to someone who doesn't have dedicated riding boots of their own.  Someone newer to riding, or knows someone in need of boots.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Glendora mudslides
« on: 12/02/14 01:41PM »
Greaaat...  Just heard on KNX 1070 radio news that mudslides in the GMR area have the road closed.  Of course,  the burn areas gave way.  <sigh>

If anyone has an available track ramp for the 29th that I could borrow, I'd be very grateful.  My expected ride and trailer combo won't be ready as my slow-a$$ dealership is still working on my car.  I'm Uhaul-ing a cargo van, and therefore need a ramp.. 

Please let me know how I could compensate you.  Thanks in advance, OC Moto!

Selling these reliable stands I've owned for years as they're being replaced with a newer set-up.  All stands are in very good to excellent shape as they've mostly been used to keep my bike upright in the garage while on a trickle charge.  Prices obo and preferable consideration will be given to newer riders/newer OC Moto members who want to do their own maintenance or want a track day set-up.  Please PM me if you're interested and I will reply ASAP.  Thanks for looking..

Lockhart Phillips front end lift stand: Good for maintenace work as it will lift the front end from under the lower triple-clamp and allow the forks to move freely.  Selling with all the various included triple-clamp insert pins in the popular manufacturer sizes (13, 15, 19, 22 and 27mm). In very good condition. Asking $60- SOLD.  Link from Lockhart Phillips shows the stand, although mine is white, as it used to be sold.

TrackSide fork stand: Easy to use front stand beneficial for quick operation when returning tire-warmers to the bike between sessions.  Was purchased at Cycle Gear and is in excellent condition.  Note: works only with bikes possessing equal length fork lowers.  Asking $40.

DMP swing arm stand: For use with spool-equipped bikes.  An essential tool for general maintenance, track day use or simply keeping the bike upright while parked to minimize storage space usage.  Also in excellent condition.  Asking $50.

Dunlop D209 GP-A race-spec compound (2009 AMA spec tire), new (older warehouse stock): 120/70 ZR17  (manufac. date: 1609)
Dunlop D211 GP-A med race compound (2010-14 AMA spec tire), approx. 75% tread: 190/55 ZR 17  (manufac. date: 3112)

Tires have remained in the garage and were intended to be used for track days.  Instead, will be replaced by Dunlop slicks.  Not selling separately at this time.  Selling as a set due to the race-spec compounds.
Asking $160.

Thanks for looking.

Photo 1: set of D209 GPA's to illustrate tread on the front tire
Photo 2: D211 GP-A rear

Avon AV81 3D Ultra Xtreme front tire/track use compound: 120/70 ZR17  (manufacture date: 1912)

Avon AV80 3D Ultra Supersport rear tire/track-street compound: 190/55 ZR 17  (manufacture date: 2112)

Intended to use these tires as my track day set, but I bought a set of Dunlops that I'll be running.  I was very interested to see how these would perform, but I'm also a creature of habit, and I've always felt confident on Dunlops.  This is the only reason for selling.

Tires are new, unmounted and only gathering dust in storage in the garage.  NO wear at all.

Thanks for looking.

Miscellaneous / For Sale: G3 Glock 26 --SOLD--
« on: 09/24/14 12:13AM »
I've owned this Glock 26 for approx. 2 years.  I've only had 78 rounds exactly through it all this time (and it was the non-toxic Federal Premium Ballisticlean 98 gr frangible).  In perfect shape with a little dust as the biggest detractor.  Excellent Glock quality, but just not quite comfortable in my hands.  Great for bedside grab and go, but I've got bike parts in mind that'll get more use than this paperweight.

I much prefer to do a FTF transfer here with an OC Moto member before resorting to Calguns forum, although I know some members here are regulars on both.  Regardless, bottom line is, this pistol is clean, clear serial and a no-shenanigans transaction.  Transfer could be done at a mutually agreed FFL, but Turner's or such is preferred.  Be aware the transfer fee is $35 in addition to your $480.

I'm including ALL the original package contents: all OEM pistol with original Glock case, 2 magazines which have been modified with the Pearce grip finger extension (with both original mag base plates), test-fired shell, instructions/owner's manual, originally included cable gun lock, bore brush, Glock magazine loading tool.  I'll even throw in one of the beavertail grip attachments I bought online (Grip Force brand).

Thanks for looking.

Howdy all,

Helmet comes in original box, with ALL originally included contents (including unused Shoei stickers, lubrication-silicone,etc).  Pinlock anti-mist insert is unused and still packaged.  Manufacture date shows 1/2013.  Helmet has NEVER seen the ground.  I'm obsessive about helmet care.

Selling this helmet only due to an interest in investing the money to buy a Bell Star with a transitions lens or other race-style lid.  I intended to use this helmet for track days, but haven't had the chance to schedule any.  After careful consideration, I've decided to merely opt for a helmet that doesn't require manipulating a lever for a tinted lens.  Lever operation is very intuitive once practiced, but at track speeds, I'd prefer a standard visor.  In the advantages column, one can merely replace a clear visor (more cheaply) and have the internal visor free from the possibility of blemishes as would affect a tinted visor on a standard helmet.  This helmet moves a tremendous amount of air, and yet, still remains quiet too.  I've taken extreme care and only had it approx. 18 months.  Been used less than a dozen times.  Padding is still fresh, new, and therefore still firm.  I always wear a helmet liner/skull cap that reduces perspiration/contamination, cuz you know it doesn't help with helmet hair or looks..

Thanks for looking..

Including the Shoei official site link for further info:

edit: added info and price change.

Off Topic / Memorial Day Salute to you Veterans
« on: 05/26/14 01:11PM »
On behalf of all the members here, Happy Memorial Day and a hearty salute to the veterans out there; past, present and future.

Enjoy the long weekend all, but don't forget to thank a vet.  And lest we forget the Ultimate sacrifice some have made:

Pic courtesy of The Glock Store

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