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Off Topic / SUV and pickup truck paint shop
« on: 01/19/18 02:49PM »
I am looking to get 2 vehicles painted (2-stage, since they are not garaged), no color change and just minor dents. Any recommendations in the OC?

Someone grab this job!!! :45:

Job Description

Directs technicians and outside specialists in the mechanical repair, maintenance and enhancement of race engines; diagnoses malfunctions in equipment; ensures engines are built and maintained up to exact specifications.

Directs the activities of technicians engaged in modifying or enhancing each engine; establishes controlled tests to develop new engine specifications; interprets data from on board data loggers to look for problems and generate solutions; listens to rider or crew chief feedback to assess further modifications or to diagnose problems.

Maintains detailed service records for each racing engine; requisitions and keeps supply of appropriate parts and/or machinery.

Makes informed decisions and takes decisive action towards implementing changes in the use of equipment to increase efficiency and performance of the racing engine.

Evaluates engine performance using either bench dynamometer or chassis dynamometer.

Maintains accurate data regarding each engines performance during each test and race; creates specifications sheets and generates reports for KHI.

Informs and directs technicians and outside specialists regarding engine specifications for engine performance testing and race machine mapping specifications; diagnoses performance deficiencies in engine character, performance and rider control; ensures ECUís are programmed and maintained up to exact specifications.

Downloads ECU data at various tests and racing events. Analyzes and discusses findings with team members to determine adjustments in current EFI/ECU settings. Implement and/or assist technicians in implementing a new direction or corrected ECU/EFI settings.

Coordinates prep and maintenance schedules and estimates worker hour requirements for completion of job assignment.

Performs activities of technicians supervised when required.

Ensures all race facilities at KMC are clean and organized at all times.

Participates in the set-up and tear down of the team transporter and related pit area and ensures that the transporter and pit area is clean and organized at all times.

Builds and fosters a positive and professional working environment at all times and works to improve cooperation and communication to achieve goals.

Maintains strong relationships with riders and works to improve cooperation and communication to achieve set goals.

Maintains strict confidentiality regarding all company information, product technology, research and development components, etc.

Exercises the highest degree of safety when operating all equipment and machinery; reports any injuries or unsafe working conditions to management.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Directly supervises 1 technician. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.

White sports bike between left lane and carpool lane; FD truck and police on site, but ambulance stuck about 20 cars east due to heavy traffic; I hope the rider makes it.

Off Topic / Business litigation lawyer
« on: 11/17/12 07:12PM »
I need a business litigation lawyer. Any recommend one?

Anyone willing to let me borrow a ramp, and maybe assist loading/unloading a bike from Oxnard tomorrow around noon?

Off Topic / Complete 2-stage paint for minivan and SUV
« on: 11/06/11 06:51PM »
Anybody can 2-stage paint or who knows someone?

FYI, for us that travel the CA-91 a lot... I thought it would just be a discount...

The following drivers are eligible to get a Special Access account where you get a free transponder and free tolls:

    * You always drive the toll road with three or more people in your car
    * You drive a motorcyle
    * You drive a zero-emission vehicle
    * You have a disabled veteran license plate issued by the DMV
    * You have a disabled license plate issued by the DMV

Your toll lane driving is always free, except from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday heading eastbound toward Riverside. Then, you get a 50% discount.

Download the application for the 91 Express Lanes Special Access Pass application

Check out for more information.

Call 951.278.9191 or 800.600.9191 for more information

Mailing address:

91 Express Lanes, P.O. Box 9191, Corona, CA 92878-9191

Visit in person:

Corona Customer Service Center, 2275 Sampson Avenue, Suite 100, Corona, CA 92879

OCTA Store, 550 S. Main Street, Orange, CA 92868

my factory am/fm/cassette in my old 1996 truck died..anyone there with the expertise and spare time but cheap, that may have a dash kit and wiring harness, as my old AvicN2 from my old car 6 yrs ago needs more connections than a basic head unit...

PM me...thanks...

got side-swiped splitting lanes on the 105E (before Long Beach Blvd) carpool lanes by car exiting the carpool lane opening without turn left upper forearm stings...i was able to ride the bike home after we only exchanged insurance/license info... what should i do (SR1 report to DMV, lawyer up, etc.)?

Tales of the Road / Squeezed...
« on: 01/19/11 10:15AM »
I was riding and lane splitting in the carpool lane. At this section of the 405N, the carpool lane divider narrows to about 1 foot wide, when a carpool van kept hugging the carpool lane divider and not letting me split pass. I tried to offset lean towards the standard lanes while keeping my wheels within the carpool lane, when another car/cager on the leftmost normal lanes tries to block me, in effect squeezing me. I had to panic brake (both brakes on then pulsed when locking up), but at that point my wheels were on the carpool divider lane paint. The bike squirmed while locking up the wheels on-off and tires sliding on the paint losing traction, and I struggled to keep straight and upright, as there was no escape left or right! I ended up brushing my leftside helmet, elbows and side mirror on the carpool van's side mirror. Instinctively, I steered past the closing walls of van and other cager, ahead onto regular concrete were I regained traction and control of the bike.

Main thing: I AM STILL ALIVE with no injuries!!!

Bonus: I cannot find any marks on my helmet, jacket elbow, and bike...

What would you have done?

Anyone have one of these 50cc-125cc dirt bikes laying around in decent condition? If so, PM me the details...Thanks

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