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8-11-18 Met Hanzo and Pepe at a Donut shop by Hanzo's house...

Decided to stay by the coast cuz of the heat and the fires so we rode to Palos Verdes!

Then after riding round Hanzo knew a place nearby for breakfast. They were closed (on vacation) so Hanzo took us to another place.

Happy Diner!

Pepe is buying!

We passed a motorcycle shop as we were riding to eat, so we went back to check the shop out!

A lot of cool bikes inside!

Cool Suzuki!

8-5-18 At All Star Donuts with Hanzo and Pepe!

Then we rode to meet up with Kim in Azusa...

Crystal Lake here we come!

Had chili then we rode to GMR.

Joe Sportbike Group was there!


Joe Wang and Eddiemon!

Kim and Repsol!

Chillin' with Repsol!

Hanzo left for home while Kim, Pepe and I stopped at Donut Man!

Good times!

More pics...

More pics...

Most of the cars here are for sale, this one is only $15,000!

A Hudson Woodie, how rare is that?!

Cool 58 Rambler with stars that signed the dashboard!

7-21-18 After Lyon I went to Crevier Clasic Cars which is down the street...

More pics...

They are doing Propeller maintenance on this airplane.

The Lyon Air Museum is next to John Wayne Airport. All the planes in the museum are fully operational! And the pic of the airplanes outside fly people on dog-fighting rides! They used to fly out from Fullerton Airport, now they are located in Costa Mesa. I wondered why I hadn't seen those airplanes fly out from Fullerton lately.  :D

There is a second floor walkway so you can overlook the airplanes from above!

More pics...

And there are some motorcycles there as well!

Motorcycle once owned by Steve McQueen!

And a Helm's Bakery Truck!

7-21-18 I was watching KTLA 5 on Thursday and Gayle Anderson was talking about an exhibit at the Lyon Air Museum...

Well I gotta go check it out!

I have been here several times, they do a Bikes and Bombers event that I go to!

One of my riding buddies mentioned Groupon to get the tickets and yea I saved 41% woo hoo!

And one of Dan Gurney's race car. I got to meet Dan Gurney at NB Ducati. He rode one of his Alligator motorcycles. I also met Dan at Cars & Coffee when it was held in Irvine! I have posted pics with Dan Gurney in my thread they are in here somewhere!  :)

7-14-18 Rode to Donut Derelicts in HB to see Diz...

Had our coffee and donut, then we walked around to check out the cars!

Diz rode with a couple of friends, Dave and Robert! They rode to Ortega Hwy while I headed back home.

7-13-18 Rode to the Elks Lodge in BP to see Kim and Russ at a car show...

Kim with Marilyn!

Off Topic / Re: Hella suprise yesterday while fishing
« on: 07/12/18 06:31AM »
Congrats!  :29:

More pics...

Yes I did buy her book and she signed it plus she signed a photo for me!  :)

And this guy was in line in front of me for the book signing, used to see him at the Hat Monday Bike Nites!

5-15-18 Rode out to find the tag for the picture game, Then ended up Anaheim Plaza to chill.

Dessert before dinner! Had pie and coffee then rode to meet Hanzo for dinner.

He is caging it lol. :D

Carnitas plate!

Then we headed to Irv Seaver BMW.

Selfie with Kevin!

Jim telling us to get refreshments until all the guests have arrived.

Got to hear Elspeth Beard talk about her around the world trip she made in 1982 on her BMW!

5-6-18 Pepe and I rode to Crystal Lake!

Hi Hanzo! :D

He was involved in a minor accident a while back, no harm to him but his bike was totaled.

Time for chili!

Seven police vehicles were heading down as we were riding up, they did not go to Crystal Lake. Must have been looking for something, even a helicopter was flying around!

Time to ride GMR!

Not a lot of motorcycles, but we did see a lot of cars and a few bicycle riders.

Even with hardly any rain things look pretty green!

Last stop...

Donut Man!  :)

Okay so I get emails from Irv Seaver BMW and on May 15 they are having a guest speaker there...

Here is the link...

I sooo want to go to this, hope I am not working that day!   :17:

More pics...

Thought this truck had the nicest color paint!

Selfie with Barry Mcguiar!


On the way home we stopped at Bruxie's for root beer floats!

4-22-18 Kim and I rode to the Benedict Castle Concours in Riverside...

Kim was able to get us prime parking right in front of the event!

Kim's friend Russ (who rode the Shadow last weekend) entered his 67 Mustang convertible.

Went there for the Harley vs Indian exhibit also for the Bugatti exhibit.

I told Kim we gotta go there, and I told Repsol there is a Porsche exhibit there right now as well!
Ride to Petersen Museum, then go to Pink's Hot Dogs!   :17:


Suzuki Demo truck will be at SoCalMotorcyces tomorrow!   :17:

I am working so I will miss this.  :P

^^^  :D

4-15-18 Meetup in Brea, Kim wants to ride to Wrightwood and Angeles Crest Hwy (ACH)!

Time for a new rear tire!

After 2 more meetup spots we are ready to go!

At the Grizzly Cafe in Wrightwood!

We then rode ACH to Newcombs Ranch!

That bike looks familiar.

After Newcombs, a few rode back towards Wrightwood and the rest of us rode to Mount Wilson. Bathroom stop here.


This is where Azusa Rd connects to ACH, it has been permently closed.

Circled is DTLA in the distance.

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