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Bikes For Sale / sold
« on: 04/30/18 03:12PM »
sold, thanks!

I went to Mission Motorsprots to pickup OE oil and filters, and I have to say, parts department was nice, and even discounted the stuff cheaper than I could find online.

Was a bigger guy, didn't catch his name. Looked like the parts manager. I'll be happy to go back there for parts in the future.

While I wont go to Mission for service, I've never had issues with their parts department.  Nice people.  Came in very handy when I was rebuilding my old 93 Ninja 750. 

Here in my part of Orange County, I rarely see any Chippies on the 405 during my commute home.  I typically head home between 3:30 and 4:30 and it's been forever since I've seen a Chippie doing anything other than working at a crash.  I see a few city cops heading home, but even that's rare since I don't know any agencies that end a day-shift at those hours.  I've heard the CHP Santa Ana office is down on staffing over the last few years which is in line with my observations.  My commute is between Newport and Mission Viejo, short, but sweet.

Still curious how it came to $800.

Thanks guys. This has been weighing very heavy on my mind for the last few months since being cited. I have to say right or wrong I feel like I was mugged and bullied by this officer to the tune of $800 I sacrifice and work very hard for.

I'm curious how the fine came to $800.  Did you miss a court date and get a civil assessment?  What section were you cited for?  I know the fines and penalties add up, but $800? 

I try to avoid the yellows if at all possible because that's where all the crap ends up that ruins expensive tires!  Granted there are times that some guy wants to hug the line to (seemingly) prevent motorcycles from getting home before he does and I venture over there.

I firmly believe that Del Amo has no interest in returning customers.  They sell tons of bikes and rely on that as their primary source of income.... It's almost like they sabotage it so you don't come back... unless it's to buy a new bike!

Del Amo service writer looked at my buddies bike (ST1300) and had to ask what model it was.   That was the first clue.  Second was trying to describe an issue to the writer only to be told, "I don't ride motorcycles, so I'm not sure what you're saying".  Maybe it's changed, that was 2 years ago.  Third, their service rate is ridiculous. 

I go to Gustin Motorsports in Costa Mesa for all my motorcycles.

I know it's tempting to pick up an older YZ or CR 250 but you may want to consider the Kawasaki KDX 200/220 from the late 90's early 2000's.  Two stroke but geared for trail riding.  Easy to work on with plenty of power for the local deserts.  I got into dirt bikes about 12 years ago and started with a KDX before moving on to a 4 stroke WR426.  Something to consider.


I actually had a great experience with them on a recent fix for my Ninja.  Then again, dealers can be a hit or miss depending who works on your bike. 

Speaking of dealerships. Don't ever buy a used bike from Del Amo of 55 in Santa Ana. Words can't even describe how half ass they "finish" their used bikes. If you don't know how to wrench you won't even notice how much half ass work they do.  :13: They will tell you "All our bikes have had a 53 point inspection". I will bet my left testicle that the manager there couldn't even tell you what exactly is being checked while performing their 53 point inspection without looking at the cheat sheet.

You probably paid too much for whatever they did.  Their labor rate soared after they took over Champion.  I will never let them look at my bike again, much less work on it.  I was with a buddy that was dropping off his Honda ST1300 (the only sport tourer Honda makes) and the service writer looked at the bike and said, "what model is that again?".  When asked what kind of test ride they do to verify the maintenance, the service writer said he wasn't sure because he doesn't ride motorcycles.  This was all over a year ago, so maybe it's gotten better; but I doubt it.  Another co-worker went to look at a used Kawi Concourse and the fees they tacked on to the price made it a better deal to buy a new one somewhere else.  Del Amo is not interested in gaining return business.  They just want the gullible first-timers.  Your experience may vary.

I've bought a new car before and gone to my credit union the next week and essentially re-financed it with them for their lower rate.  They should be able to help you do that.  It was easy for me but you have to do it within so many days. 

Also, those teaser rates are usually very hard to qualify for.  Recently I actually paused my TV to read the fine print on a car commercial and it literally said, "rate only applies to very highly qualified buyers".   

On a mildly connected note; what is the current legal thinking on accessing records of people's phone use prior to accidents?
They shouldn't but if the po po does have a way to illegally search phones they will do it and there will be no repercussions.

No cop is going to search a phone illegally if they're investigating  a fatal or near-fatal collision.  At those scenes, the cop isn't even going to scroll through the phone until they obtain either signed consent, or a warrant. If the collision appears DUI related and felony charges likely, then they will likely get a warrant regardless of consent.  Felony vehicular manslaughter cases are big deals and no cop wants to be the one that screws up the case because they wanted to "illegally" search a phone.  It's not going to happen. 

On the side of the road at a car-stop for a phone violation a cop my ask verbal consent to search the phone and get it.  If the cop finds incriminating information related to usage while driving, you can bet when the case goes to traffic court the driver will cry that the search was illegal.  That said, the cop doesn't need to look at your phone to prove a cell phone case in traffic court.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Craigslist
« on: 10/31/16 10:11AM »
A couple of years ago I was selling a 2001 Ducati Monster 900Sie w/ a lot of extras for about $4500.  At the same time I was selling a 1990 Honda XR80 for $800.  Because both buyers had defective watches, they showed up at the same time.  Older guy buying XR for daughter went over the bike with a fine toothed comb.  He was listening the motor trying to get me to hear a slight "ticking noise" and asking when the bike had a top end.  I told him never, those old Hondas are bulletproof and would likely run w/ pancake syrup for oil.  He tried to beat me up over $800 but finally gave up after he saw I was not in an hurry - sold.  Ducati guy was a young kid (20-something) that had no experience w/ Ducatis.  I tried to explain things like valve clearances and regular/rectifiers to him but he just glazed over.  As soon as I started the bike and he heard the dry clutch and loud pipes he said, "sold"!  Full price, no questions.  All types on Craigslist and I got two vastly different buyers at the same time. 

If the collision is fatal in nature, the cops will seize the phone.  They will ask for written and signed consent to search/download the phone.  If they are denied consent, and they have probable cause, then they will get a search warrant for the phone.  The phone will be held (under pretense of preservation of evidence) until the warrant is obtained.  Once the warrant is obtained, they will examine and download the data from the phone.  If the phone involved belongs to the party that is being charged with a crime, then that person should just go get a new phone because their phone is likely to be held until the case is adjudicated.

Bikes For Sale / Re: 04 Ninja zx636b FS/FT
« on: 06/29/16 06:44AM »
Even if the market wasn't soft for used bikes right now, nobody with any knowledge is going to buy a used stunter bike with a salvage title no matter how mechanically anal the owner has been.  The price would have to be rock-bottom and another newbie stunter would be the best customer.  I know I and othesr look like we're being trolls about it, but sometimes it's too easy.  Having sold an older sport bike in the last year or so I can attest to the difficulty of getting good money.  I think Kota has priced this with his heart and not his mind.

Bikes For Sale / Re: 04 Ninja zx636b FS/FT
« on: 06/27/16 02:19PM »
"Rental" bars, "michillion" tires.  Salvage

What kills me if you search for "636" or ZX-6r you can find several waaaaaay better, lower mileage Ninjas than this piece of crap.  However, nothing surprises me anymore.

Turns out my Cox Cable sports package now includes BeIN network.  So I know get to see MotoAmerica, WSBK, and MotoGP.  My wife is NOT happy about it.  Last year she had to suffer through supercross and MotoGP.  She's not happy. 

On another note, I've noticed the guide listings for BEIN are a little vague and I've had to extend record times significantly to make sure I get the entire event.  Otherwise, it's been good.  It was nice to see Nicky Haden get a podium.

So I read this article today about BeIn getting the contract to televise MotoGP this year.  Is it just me, or is that the end of good coverage for MotoGP.  I haven't watched WSBK since Spies left, so I have no idea how that network even works.  Any thoughts?

Even though he said the ticket has been dismissed, I would still check with the court and make sure it is done.  Sometimes paperwork gets "lost in the mail" between the station and the courthouse. 

On a separate note, dealer plate, no plate, stickers... VC section 5200(b) says you have to have a plate.  The key phrase in the section is "issued".  If the officer runs your VIN and finds that a plate has been issued, he can write the cite, whether you've received the plate or not.  It doesn't matter if it's a dealer hold up (my last plates got mailed to dealer and not me) or whatever, if they've been issued and you don't have them on the bike you can be cited.  I'm guessing the call to the office resulted in them looking to see when the plates were issued (OCID Date - look for it on your reg) and compared to when the cite was written and took appropriate action.

Yes, everyone can be stopped for not having plates on their car.  Subsequent investigation determines whether or not a cite will be issued.  A little piece of paper taped to the windshield is not a pass.

I personally wouldn't do that route even on my FJR that has luggage and comfortable seat.  However, if you must, I would change your route through Texas to avoid the 10.  I'd take the 40 across northern AZ and NM before hitting the top of Texas.   The mileage to FL may be a bit more, but psychologically, it's a lot easier.  I've driven to central FL about 8 times over the last 5 years to deal w/ estate issues and have done both routes.  The northern route on the 40 makes you feel better because you cross more state lines than the southern route.  Being in Texas for more than one day gets to be a mental grind, plus there is nothing to look at until Houston (even then it's not much).  If you stay north until Alabama and then head south the trip will seem to be a lot easier since you cross the narrow part of Texas.  Sure you have to go through Oklahoma, but it's better than grinding southern Texas.  Oh, and the pan handle of Florida sucks!

If you really want to drive to Florida and have your bike, I'd rent a pickup and take it that way.  I'll admit that I like long, solitary road-trips without my wife and kids, so I don't blame you for wanting this.

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